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Shout out to John Stark

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Thanks @joeywa as much as I’ve loved all my time playing, coaching and just being around the game of baseball, I can honestly say that the experiences I’ve had coaching and being around beep baseball is the most rewarding I’ve had in the game. It’s not easy (from having to raise 15-20k per year to pay for it, to driving back and forth to Fort Worth every Friday and Saturday to pick up players to teaching how to hit and play defense with no sight)but the stories I can tell will make you laugh and cry at the same time. 

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Thanks for what you do, John.  It's quite a task, but as you say, (and I've heard you say it many times in the past,) the reward is well worth it. 


Knew you'd like the coverage of it on MLB.  Hopefully it brings more awareness to the game. 

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