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View from the Cheap Seats- How SWEET a Sugar Bowl win

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View from the Cheap Seats-Dawgs

How SWEET it is . . . ..(see what we did there sweet. . .sugar bowl)

One word to describe this win? PHYSICAL

#2 in the BigXII vs #2 in the SEC.

The entire Horn team, including Bevo showed up ready to play. Bevo took offense pre-game to Uga, the yapping Georgia mascot and went after him, setting the tone for the rest of the evening. TEXAS came out and kicked the shit out of the Dawgs for 59 minutes. No clue what happened in the last 46 seconds (2 ejections, 3 penalties and gave up a TD when the D was wandering around lost and the coaches couldn't figure out a time out was needed), Coach Todd and his guys seeming lost their shit but for 59 minutes, the TEXAS D made a YUGE YUGE statement. Dawgs came in rushing for 251 yards a game, TEXAS/Coach Todd's crew held them to 72 yards. Was great listening to Kirby Smart post game saying "give credit to Tom, they out physical led us, they out coached us"


You could not have drawn it up better. #1 thing TEXAS needed to do was take an early lead and force Georgia to throw. Georgia is 0-3 this year in games where Fromm threw 24 times or more. Coach Todd and the TEXAS D harassed Jake Fromm at every turn. One of the early notes made was that TEXAS was out coaching Georgia and clearly in Smart and Fromm's heads. TEXAS took the Dawgs completely out of their game. Georgia entered the game #4 in the FBS with 7.3 yards per play but would only yield 4.4 vs the Horns. TEXAS balled out.

10 wins for the 1st time since 2009. 1st "Major bowl win" since 2008 Fiesta Bowl. CTH now 2-0 in bowl games at TEXAS. CTH and TEXAS finishes the season on a serious high note after (to quote CTH) the loss in Dallas left a serious bad taste in the mouth of the Horns. Does this win push TEXAS into the Top 10? Not sure but they will be moving up from #15 and likely open next year Top 10. Sadly despite kicking the crap out of Georgia, they likely do not climb over the Dawgs in the standings.

Make no mistake, TEXAS lined up against a more talented team, a more accomplished team and TEXAS played harder, out hustled and out wanted the Dawgs from Georgia. Football is an angry and emotional game. TEXAS simply wanted it more tonight. Both the staff and the players played to win. Twice CTH went for it on 4th down, the results, 1 1st down, 1 Touch down. In fact the only real "questionable" move was the on sides kick to open the 2nd half.

Gotta give it up for the Seniors, they played like it was their last game. No guys pussing out to get ready for the NFL draft. Charles Ominahu, Tre Watson, Anthony Wheeler, Gary Johnson, Davante Davis, PJ Locke, Kris Boyd, Chris Nelson,Patrick Vahe, Calvin Anderson, Brecklyn Hager. tip of the cap to these young men.

Who would have imagined TEXAS playing for the Big XII title and winning the Sugar Bowl after the Tulsa game where face it, most fans were questioning whether CTH had the "right stuff". 7 times TEXAS would face ranked teams this year, twice Top 5 teams. TEXAS would go 5-2 vs the ranked team and 1-1 vs the top 5.

Let's go "big picture" for a second. BigXII would face SEC teams 4 times in the bowl post season posting a 3-1 record. It was pretty funny listening to the fans at the game chant "over rated over rated". We will admit, despite the Horns leading wire to wire, the announcers could not stop slobbering over the Dawgs, simply annoying as hell.

Bittersweet typing this tonight. Last Cheap Seats for more than 8 months. This is truly a labor of love. Thanks to our small but demented following.

Offensive Player of the Game:

Duh, Sam E, 3 TDs, Sam is the Man.

Honorable Mention to Tre Watson who balled out for 5.1 a carry and ran hard every time he carried the rock.

Lil Jordan not far behind.

Defensive Player of the Game

BJ Foster with some huge hits tonight including creating a fumble.

Honorable mention: PJ Locke with an INT to snuff out a Dawg Drive.

Where do we go from here?

Future is bright. Step #1 is to use this high profile win to wrap up a 2nd straight Top 10 class. TEXAS can still use a RB, an OL (or 2 depending whether you count Shepard as a commit or a target) and another DL plus a wild card. A grad transfer or 2 would not hurt our feelings. As the All American games go on, it's seems the players we landed are showing well for themselves. The defense will see the biggest turnover this spring as we lose 7 starters including all 3 DLs, 2 LBs and both CBs. Does Brandon Jones try to grab the brass ring or does he come back as TEXAS best secondary player. On offense, the TEXAS fan base will be on pins and needles seeing if Collin Johnson and/or Lil Jordan jump to the pros. Depth at RB is a concern and TEXAS will need to find a TE though there are plenty of good options. Biggest offensive issue will be replacing 3 starting OL. Good news, TEXAS also returns 2 starters and one player in Kersetter who has extensive starting experience.

Biggest challenge for CTH will be managing success and inflated expectations for the coming year. TEXAS will start the year ranked in the Top 10 most likely and will at least be a co-favorite to win the BigXII. TEXAS' 2nd game in 2019 will be in Austin vs LSU. Should be very interesting.




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Good write-up and thanks for your work this year.

I was one of the fans who walked out of DKR upset after the Tulsa game.

BJ Foster played huge last night, huge.

The D hit Fromm several times last night. Foster's hit on him was big time!

Johnson was double covered last night most the time, thus the lack of throws his way. Be that said, he took 2 Georgia players out of the equation. 

Jones needs to come back. I hope Johnson and Lil Jordan do too.

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