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    • Translation: Evans’s recruitment is a circus. When was the last time Texas won a recruitment that was an absolute circus, especially with the SEC involved?
    • I know that's what I said. When I said "next year" I meant 2020. We have 3 this year in 2019, will have 4 the following (2020), and then 4 the one after that (2021) if everyone stayed. My point is everyone won't stay as nobody is going to sit 3rd or 4th string very long. Heck guys won't even sit 2nd string when they have a clear path to the starting spot if they'd just be patient. We lost 2 good QBs this year in the portal. My guess going forward is if things are working right and you can take a QB every cycle, you lose 1 every 2 years. But gone are the days a kid's going to ride the pine for 3-4 years to start 1-2. 
    • What's the next twist in Zachary Evans' recruitment?     https://n.rivals.com/news/take-two--968
    • I've been to many Texas vs ou games, many games at DKR (season ticket holder for almost 40 yrs now) and saw Texas play LSU in the Cotton Bowl when Simms was a senior.  Based on the above, I would go to Texas vs LSU this year. Simply because Texas and ou play every year, LSU doesn't visit Austin that often. Sad thing is I wont be able to attend the Texas vs LSU game this year but my daughter gets my tickets. Hope you're able to score some!
    • He seemed emotional after his decision, i.e. tears of joy. Happy for the young man, HOOK'EM!
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