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  • Texas will face Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship on Saturday, December 1st @ 11:00 AM in Arlington, TX. Game will be televised on ABC
  • Texas Basketball (5-1) loses to Michigan State in title game of Las Vegas Invitational 78-68
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Harrison Wier

HornSports Members Prediction Thread: Sugar Bowl

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8 hours ago, Epictetus said:

This turned out to be Beer Talk. Randon beer talk. Here goes...

How will the Horns stack up against Georgia?
Better.. how would Georgia stack up against... Oklahoma, West Virginia, Texas, Oklahoma State...?
Can't say.  A 3rd of SEC's regular season is against cupcakes. Heavy on the sprinkles.

Below are the 40 non-conference games played this year by the top 10 SEC teams by year-end rankings. Top 5 in each division.

SEC teams play 8 conference games;  6 from their division. Players may go their entire career and never play half the teams in the other division. Only in a conference title game.

- 9 of these 40 non-conf games are programs from Power 5 conferences.
- 4 of the 40 games were road games.
- 6 of these 10 SEC teams played 8 home games. Missouri, Miss State, Kentucky, each played 7. Aggie played 7 home games, with Ark on a neutral field.

2018 regular season ended with 8 SEC teams in the Top 25.

Here are the 40 non-conf match ups.

My Magic 8-Ball Predicts 7 bowl losses, 3 Toss-ups.
EDIT: amended predictions to be clear on who's predicted winner.

#1 Alabama   Bowl:  Oklahoma.  Predict OU win in stunner.
Arkansas State
Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns
The Citadel

#19 A&M    Bowl:  N. Carolina State, predict Toss-up
Northwestern State
#2 Clemson
U. Louisiana Monroe

#11 LSU   Bowl:  U. Central Florida, predict Toss-up
Southeastern Louisiana
Louisiana Tech

#18 Miss State   Bowl: Iowa, predict Bulldogs lose to Iowa
at Kansas State
Louisiana Tech
Louisiana Rajan Cajuns

Auburn   Bowl: Purdue, predict Toss-up
#9 Washington
Alabama State
Southern Miss

#5 Georgia  Bowl: Texas,  predict Horns win
Austin Peay
Middle Tennessee
U Mass
Georgia Tech

#14 Kentucky  Bowl: Penn State, predict lose to Nittney Lions
Central Michigan
Murray State
Middle Tennessee
at Louisville

S. Carolina   Bowl: Virginia, predict lose to Virginia Cavs
Costal Carolina

#10 Florida  Bowl Michigan, predict lose to Wolverines
Charleston Southern
Colorado State
at Florida State

#23 Missouri   Bowl: Ok-State, predict blowout loss to Pokes
UT Martin
at Purdue

I re-worked this a bit. Could be errors in it.

Winless bowl season for the sec?  Sounds good to me.

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On my above post on the top 10 SEC teams... I give that conference credit on gaining 10 solid bowl matchups. All are matched up with solid programs and coaching. Iowa is no slouch, and Purdue moved up a notch this season. NC-State provides solid competition, as does Virginia. Penn State, and so on. 

Really good bowl lineup. 

Most interesting of all, the top two SEC teams go up against OU-Texas, the two top finishers in 2018, and the classic rivals at the Cotton Bowl every October. 

I honestly believe every opponent (of the SEC team) in these 10 bowls can give the SEC team a run for it. At the last I could have made them all Toss-ups. 

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