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Harrison Wier

HS Members Prediction Thread: USC

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1 hour ago, UTfish said:

Hello?  SHA?  Is that really you?  We need the last 4 digits of your SS# or your favorite teacher to verify you're who you say you are.

I'm going with Texas 13 -10.

 Boom Boom McGursh, 9th grade history. The whole back row of class was in love with her. lol

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2 hours ago, Baron said:

USC 38

Texas 10

I've been so horribly wrong on my first two picks I'm hoping a kind of reverse psychology will help the Horns win. :wacko:

Dude, you just unjinxed my anti-jinx. We're screwed.

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I really don't know what to make of this team. Given the way we've played in our first 2 games, I think we'll get blown out. But then again, Herman's teams have a habit of playing up to (or down to) the competition. I would honestly not be surprised to see Texas blow out USC or to see USC blow out Texas. However, I think with all of the injuries--Shack, Ingram, Boyd, Davis, Jones--we're going to be overmatched.

USC: 34

Texas: 17

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