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  • Texas Basketball falls to #7 Kansas 80-78 in Lawrence on Monday night
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TexasSportsDillard, Whittier to be inducted into San Antonio ISD Athletic Hall of Fame

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    • JB, I'm afraid he's right. Football is becoming less popular and has less participation than its had in years. Along the eastern seaboard and even midwest, public schools are cancelling their football programs due to cost and lack of interest. Its alarming. I know its hard to imagine being from Texas, but elsewhere, its reality. This past season I watched a ton of clips from our California recruits. Even the big Mater Dei vs Westlake game was a half-filled stadium, so public interest seems to dropping as well.
    • Point to PD for the clever and humorous GIF. I guess we'll see in time.
    • Daniel is more informed on these things than I, so I defer final word to him. But from what I know, we're not in the ballpark for Sopsher. I think if we even had a foot in the door – it would be dominating this page right now. I wish I were wrong, he's a top player at a need position. From what I've heard, staff is focused on 2020 now and are probably going to wrap up 2019 with the Ira recruitment, a DL recruitment and later grad transfer market (college free agency). But TH is determined not to let eggy get the jump this year. Its working.
    • Ok, getting back on track, are there other 19 prospects the Horns are pursuing besides Ira and Shep?  Another RB perhaps or another Dlineman.  Speaking of Dline, are the Horns actively talking to Sopsher at all or is that a non-starter?
    • Regular snowflakes maybe but not entitled snowflakes they are loaded with gluten.