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Harrison Wier

Mailbag Thread

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With another week beginning, we have another mailbag thread beginning as well. Get your questions in and we will answer the best one's on Friday in our weekly mailbag thread. All questions - recruiting, team notes, etc. - are welcome. Fire away!

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I may have missed this previously, I’ve been somewhat confused with who exactly is the official OC.  I see run game coordinator before, then Hand is hired, is last years OC just the QB coach in reality, what’s Herman’s role, etc, etc.  So, Has it been made clear and what coaches will do what?  Thanks, I’ll hang up and listen 

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Would you give us more detail on linebacker depth? OL and RB are okay now IMO with the the graduate and Juco transfers. But all this talk of Adoeye getting significant playing time is disturbing. True freshman linebackers not named Malik usually don't stand a chance.

Let me put it better: is Demarco Boyd going to become an essential contributor this year?

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Franchise Quest

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    • I am extremely happy I was wrong about our chances in this game. We are better than last year. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we will stay focused and find some consistency. For the first time in many years I’ve regained some hope.  Im not superstitious per se but I do try to duplicate my routine when things are going well so...TCU is overrated and this win proved nothing. 
    • They showed me I was wrong. Never been so glad to be wrong. 
    • That play was a head scratcher for the exact reasons listed.  I do think the offensive execution is better. I almost died when Sam almost left the pocket then reset and found LJH for the TD. That is definitely progress. 
    • Echeese....you are wrong.I DO agree with your comments.....n fact, I really agree....Great writeup. FWIW...I never said the play calling was perfect. What I was tryin g to say was that I did not think it was as terrible as was being discussed given how we moved the ball and how much we left on the table.
    • Agree with Primal on the MVPs. Stearns is a pure stud, nuff said. The Shark played big tonight. He's filling in nicely for Roach. The D was solid and was hitting! The O-line did a good job. I saw Vahe pancake a guy yards off the line! On what to do better, Tom needs to learn when to punt. Your D is playing lights out, pin em back. The punt returner should stand at the 10 yard line and NEVER go backwards. Fair catching the ball on the 5 yard line? On kick-off returns, it's OK to start at the 25 yard line when you catch the ball in the end zone. Sam needs work still on when to throw the ball away.