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Congratulations are in order

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Shout out to our boy Aaron C for his wedding tonight. Beautiful ceremony set in the wine country of Oregon. He definitely outkicked his coverage, (as he will readily admit.) I was lucky enough to score an invite to the festivities and attended with mrs joeywa and my son. 

Congrat Aaron. You done good, bud!!!  Thanks for having us out to be a part of it. 

BTW, here’s the backdrop of the “altar”:



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6 hours ago, Bear19 said:

 I know his wife and in-laws. He definitely outkicked his coverage. :)

Your ears had to be burning. Your name was brought up a few times in discussion. 

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That pain you felt in your noise was the ring your wife clamped in is what she will be leading you around by. The only way you can handle that is JimsTexas guide on how to handle a woman. Set the ground rule early.  That is the only preayer you have Just call me the trend setter and the only hope man kind has. I have been married for 51 years and I know these things. B) Con Grat's I hope you have a many years togather. My friends y'all have a great week

The University Of Texas winning tradition will not be entrusted to the timid are the week. Never give in are up keep your Horns raised high and proud. 
It isn't always pretty but this is called old man writing so don't be to critical of my spelling and sentence structuring. 
Now a little wisdom please remember this "don't take yourself so seriously no one else does enjoy your life. Have a Jack and Coke once and a while stirred never shaken" Keep your Horns Raised high and proud

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