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  • Texas will face Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship on Saturday, December 1st @ 11:00 AM in Arlington, TX. Game will be televised on ABC
  • Texas Basketball (5-1) loses to Michigan State in title game of Las Vegas Invitational 78-68
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Jameson McCausland

***CWS Elimination Game: Florida vs Texas***

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Thanks for everyone who followed along this season. It was my first season covering the team, and I could not have ever imagined it would end in Omaha. I will try to get a nice little recap article up by the end of the night, but I may end up breaking it up into two parts. I guess we all have to turn our attention to football season now. :D

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Thanks to all who posted and gave us updates throughout the year, yall did a great job!

4 hours ago, joeywa said:

Phenomenal run by an overachieving team.  Nobody felt Omaha was on the table this year.  And if you say you did, I likely wouldn't believe you anyway.  :)

I'm many things but a liar I'm not. Earlier this year I thought we'd be lucky to finish in the middle of the Big XII and we'd be sweating a bid just to play in a regional, let alone host it. 

Thanks to the players and the coaches for a good season! HOOK'EM!

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Jameson, thank you for your professional coverage. A big tip of the hat to you. If that was your first season, it didn't show. Well done.

Joeywa, thank you for keeping the tempo going all season, doing PBP and commentary, always staying positive. Its a pleasure to read your stuff.

Thank you to all you ugly regulars who make this and other threads fun.

No, no, no, I did not imagine we'd ever make it to the CWS when we were 9-9. What the Horns did this year should give them so much confidence going into next year – combined with the experience of it all and now the hunger to get a bigger taste – big things are ahead for the Horns.


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