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  • Texas Basketball falls to #7 Kansas 80-78 in Lawrence on Monday night
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Jameson McCausland

***Super Regional Thread: Tennessee Tech vs Texas***

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Hibbeler- Walk

Shaw- Oh my. Hibbeler is moving on the pitch and Shaw lines one right off him. Would have a perfect hit and run. Instead Hibbeler is out and Shaw is on first.

Reynolds- (Shaw steals second base) Strikeout looking

Hamilton- Walk

Ellis- Single back up the middle. Shaw scores.

4-1 Texas and the Golden Eagles are going to the bullpen.

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Just now, drgilbert said:



Kody, (or any Longhorn for that matter,) could be out feeding the needy with Mother Theresa, finding the cure for cancer and establishing World Peace, and there's not an aggie on the planet that would say, "That Longhorn is such a likeable young man." 


In other words, water is wet. 

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