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    • If Sam can play and be effective and he's not risking further injury then he needs to play. Shane had a 100 yard RB, a NFL receiver to throw to, and a weak Baylor defense and the offense couldn't score in the second half. That's not a good sign  in a hostile environment. Gundy and Oklahoma State has beat us the last 6 out of the last eight years. They seem to have some help extra help from Big 12 officials.   Was The Texas-OSU Game Rigged? Get Your Tin Foil Hat Ready   https://www.texasmonthly.com/the-daily-post/was-the-longhorns-game-against-oklahoma-state-rigged-we-put-our-tinfoil-hats-on-and-dig-in/  
    • Man thanks for that summary. I'd bet both CJ and LJH are gone. CJ has cleared up his deficiencies and LJH is just too interesting a player. Bother were recruited by Strong. Both will go 3rd round or up IMO and probably fine with that.  I hope McCoy and Smith are licking their chops.
    • When everyone's seasons are complete there will only be a handful of teams that are undefeated and/or only have one loss. While we still have some work to do, we can make a strong case for being one of those teams. Where we are now can only help to get us in the playoffs or a ny6 bowl. Let's just worry about the teams on our schedule and we'll be fine.
    • I’m putting a flip pick in for Kennedy Lewis this morning. If Texas pushes like we think they will then I think this gets done. 
    • Heard last night that Texas could push for Kennedy Lewis, but hadn’t heard the same on Powell. The numbers are going to be really interesting. Especially at WR.