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My latest take on Da Boys Draft in 2 weeks.

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Per all the rumor mills, gadflies and pundits, seems Dallas is very serious about taking an OG in the 1st 2 rounds. Personally I think 19 is too high for any of the OLs but that doesn't mean others will not be interested in moving up.

Would either Pittsburg or NE switch 1st and give up their 2nd for Mason Rudolph? (not sure Lamar Jackson slides this far but if he does, this is even more likely)

Or NE covets an OT and Conner Williams might still be there.

Even dropping down to trade with Denver and add their 3rd and 4th (all those work value chart wise).

14 1st round talents but 60-70 2nd/3rd round types.

So projecting a trade with Pittsburg who likes the big strong armed QB to learn under Big Ben.

Keep in mind this draft is not just about 2018 but 2018-2021.

Dallas' needs in no order:

1 Tech
LBs (2)
RB change of pace type
JJ wants a young QB to groom as well.

PS, used the handy dandy FanSpeak mock draft simulator. Some of the player evaluations are either way too high or too low but used the composite feature.   https://fanspeak.com/ontheclock/draft.php

Dallas goes to 28 and takes Will Hernandez who steps onto the field in Frisco as the LG 1

With 2 picks now in the 2nd, Dallas takes Derrick Nnadi, 1 Tech/DT FSU then with Pitts' 2nd, they take Safety Justin Reid Stanford.

Potentially 3 1st year starters. And frankly not opposed to Dallas taking a 2019 2nd + something to trade into this years 2nd round (or same thing in the 3rd) to add more talent in the Top 100 range.

3rd round is Hayden Hurst, have to get Whitten's replacement ready.

2 picks in the 4th, WR Donte Pettis UDub. Kid has great moves with the ball in his hands (All American punt returner) great hands and route running, very Dak friendly guy. It he's gone Chark LSU.

Next 4th is Fred Wagner of BYU, very athletic, hybrid SS/OLB.

5th round: Shaqueem Griffin, UCF. Another OLB with ridiculous athletics though only 1 hand. 

Keep in mind that after round 3, you are drafting STs guys and players to be developed. Both Wagern and Griffin fit the mold of what Dallas likes in their LBs.

With 3 picks in the 6th round, Dallas can target some lesser needs

CB Troy Brown Bama If he doesn't fall to the 6th, Rashaud Gaulden CB Tenn

RB Ito Smith South Miss, many like Hines of NCSt but Smith bigger guy with very similar skills

QB Chase Litton Marshall, big strong arm, very accurate low INT/TD ratio.

7th round pick up a OT who can play guard, Cole Madison Wazzu.



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8 hours ago, drgilbert said:



Translated. . . . I'll admit I turned into a fat lazy shit after I got paid. . .but I'll show'em now.


F Dez. . ..good riddance.    I'll bet lunch he doesn't break 1000 with any team and they get tired of his sideline antics too.


will re-do my mock draft on Monday, I think DJ Moore is a player in Dallas future.



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Coach Herman, coach Fisher, they really sell the best in Texas to stay home." - Snow ***** "A&M. I see them in every school in Texas trying to recruit somebody." - Johnson ***** "Texas. They just got that five-star wide receiver ( Bru McCoy ) and that says it all. They got someone all the way from California, and I've never heard of anyone else doing that." - Burns ***** “It’s either A&M or Texas. I think maybe Texas, because of how many they bring down to campus. When they bring you down there, they make you feel like you are family.” – Black   https://n.rivals.com/news/rcs-dallas-prospects-weigh-in-on-texas-schools-coaches-1
    • I would probably go higher with Watts. My daughter is a Sr. at Little Elm and talks to him everyday. He pretty high on Texas let her tell it. She says he flirts with her all the time. She's gangsta tho and told him that she won't even consider a date with him if he doesn't pick Texas lol
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