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Jameson McCausland

***Texas vs Arkansas Midweek Series Thread***

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OK Seamheads, @Jameson McCausland won’t be doing the game updates on here tonight. I’ll try to pop in between innings with a quick update but you can always find the Play By Play on my Twitter feed, @joeywa_44 

Games like this, (that are streamed,) are pretty difficult to keep up with as compared to televised games. 

If one of y’all want to take the reins and do in-game updates, get after it. 

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Arky have 2 down, runner on 1B, grounder to 2B, DEEP in the hole, Hibbeler makes the play and throws to 1B late; runner on 1B heads to 3B and Reynolds drills it to Kody at 3B for the 3rd out


Horns up 2-1 thru 3

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O'Donnell runs into trouble in B4

He gives up a leadoff walk, a single, an E5 and a 2RBI flare single.  Horns trail 4-2

Verplank to the bump; he gives up a walk; Pierce goes to Sawyer with runners on 1&2, no outs

Sawyer gets a SAC Bunt out for the 1st out; walk to load the bases.

slow grounder to 1B, and Reynolds looks like he's interfered with making the play to the plate; E3 on the throw plates one, runner from 2B tries to score and he's tagged out.

F9 ends it



Horns trail 5-2 thru 4


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Sawyer gives up a 1-out double, gets a K for out #2, then gives way to McGuire.  Sawyer had a very nice 3.2 inning effort tonight.

McGuire gives up an RBI double, then gets an F7 to end it.


Horns trail by 3, 6-3, thru 7 complete

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Zubia with a leadoff double, Todd IF single, Reynolds gets an RBI single up the middle


Todd gets an RBI single to LF

McKenzie PH for Fields F3 for out #2

Hibbeler HPB loads the bases with 2 outs

McCann PH for Ham goes down looking




Horns close the gap to 1, trail 6-5 headed B8

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