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Da Boys in the hunt for Kenny Vacarro

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Trying to keep the board updated on my home town Dallas Cowboys


One of the complaints about Jerry that while completely unfounded, never seems to go away is that he does not draft or sign Longhorns.

Here's a Longhorn they tried to draft, took off the board before they picked, they tried to trade for and now are looking to sign in FA.

Sadly I fear the money is too much (Da Boys ain't got much room thanks to contracts with Romo, Dez and Crawford) but a myth that needs to die.


If the Cowboys make a big free agent signing this offseason, it’s going to be the safety they wanted in 2013. He was a pre-draft visitor coming out of college, but was selected three spots before the Cowboys were on the clock. Last year, his name surfaced again as the team was rumored to be trying to deal Orlando Scandrick and a sixth-round pick to acquire Vaccarofrom the Saints.

The Saints are willing to let Vaccaro test the free agent market as they just recently signed former Panthers’ safety Kurt Coleman. The Cowboys will now have a chance to get the veteran safety as long as the price is within reason. Vaccaro missed games last season due to an injury and while he’s played well - his price could be on the fringe of where the Cowboys front office are willing to pay to land him.

Dallas is cautious about spending a lot of money on free agents, but they’ve done their homework with Vaccaro. Their continued interest in him may allow the front office to open up their wallets a little more to get him.

Contract: Five-years, $30.5 million ($6.1 M average)


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Jerry backed the Brinks truck up for Roy Williams and Leonard Davis. He'll sign Longhorns if he's so inclined. I just think folks (me included) are still miffed at Uncle Jerrah for passing on Jamal Charles and drafting Felix Jones...we all know how that worked out

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Apparently the boys were looking to trade Scandrick for Vacarro, but now that Scandrick has asked to be released, this trade seems to be falling through the cracks.  Jerry doesn't have much cap room unfortunately.  Would be nice to speed up Earl Thomas' timeline per his comments last season about eventually seeing himself as a Cowboy.

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