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TexasSportsBaseball's Ridgeway named to Stopper of the Year preseason watch list

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Franchise Quest

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    • What time you rolling into Baton Rouge Friday? I will be there by 4pm
    • As always, ask your questions and we will address the best ones in Burnt Ends. We didn’t do one last week because of Junior Days. As always, shoot questions here or at hsmailbag@gmail.com. 
    • I will admit I only saw him play against one playoff team.  You could very well be right.  But I disagree with your assertion how much better he is than Porter.  Porter was damned good.  However, with a healed leg he may prove to be just what you think he is. But I still contend that Ingram has a chance to achieve that rare tier of RB's, that the Ricky's, Bush's, and Peterson's occupy.  Of course, the kid has yet to take a snap in anger so I realize I am being presumptuous.  Also, a lot of things have to fall in place for him - OL, threats other than running, scheme, schedules, coaching, etc. But I come from the Pleistocene age and have watched many a fine RB and Ingram is one of the special ones.
    • I need to put down some soil and then grass in some bare spots in my yard (North Austin area), all under live oaks (still think the oaks have something to do with that). I was going to ask you what type of dirt would be best (ex: dillo) however you mention cotton burr compost above. So based on that, would that be better for the new sod I plan to lay? I also planned to due this early to mid March, is that a good time?