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More good press for Poona

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Not unlike we longhorns, the guys at Blogging the Boys like Poona and think he got shafted by not getting a combine invite.

Yet, in the past five years, about 35 snubs per year get drafted while 110 invitees go undrafted. When asked why, Brugler didn’t mince words as he believes that too many draftniks are committed to their preseason grades.

As Brugler says, “there just aren’t 300 players better than Ford.”

Gotta love good pub for a Horn and the article lists 5 other players Da Boys should consider in the draft who were snubbed by the Combine.




PS, Spring drills have not begun. . . .there is no football other than NFL draft stuff and I am a minor draft geek, not unlike winter stove baseball talks.



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