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View from the Cheap Seats-2 year rolling review of commits

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View from the Cheap Seats-Two Year Recruiting Review

Tom Herman hits a home run

Not since 2002 has TEXAS put together a recruiting class with this much star power and one which dominates the state in such a way. CTH/TEXAS finished with the #3 recruiting class in the nation and without much drama on signing day. Though Reggie Mepps picked an odd day to announce his transfer. They did it by landing 19 recruits on early signing day and following up with 8 more players on NSD. CTH would land a key JUCO OL (hopefully with one more still to come), they have landed kids ready to play the minute they step on campus and they have mixed in a nice group of players to be developed. They landed the best of Texas which includes 7 of the LSR 100 Top 10 and 12 of the Top 25 to re-claim dominance in Texas HS recruiting. CTH went outside the state as well, nabbing 8 out of state players imported to the team. Oddly, only one 5 star ranked player in the class while Georgia corralled 8.

A really wise friend of mine (Gerry Hamilton of ESPN & Porn Hub fame) once said that the best way to review a recruiting class was to look at a rolling 2 year review of classes to get a clearer picture of what you have added. When you do that, what CTH is doing is REALLY impressive. Having said that, recruiting titles are not conference titles or playoff berths though it is the Jimmy's and Joe's not the X's and O's that get you to those neighborhoods. And very much, CTH is setting the foundation, not unlike what Mack did back in the day, for taking TEXAS back to the glory days. Make no bones, you have to really nit pick to find holes in our last 2 year classes. 

Let's dive in to a review of recruiting by position groups.


Too many fans see QB recruiting and don't drill deeper into the rest of the class. For those folks CTH has landed a trio that puts TEXAS in great shape in the years to come. Good thing too, in 2018 TEXAS will only have 4 QBs on scholarship so the odds are, one of the two we landed this year does not get to shirt. Good news is one of them most likely shirts. We need to create a bit of space among our 4. Also, we say most likely because the 2 QBs we have now have both missed games due to injury so keep your fingers crossed.


Sam Ehlinger (4)-part time starter in 2017. He goes into Spring Training as QB1 but needs to work on improving his accuracy. He finished with a very strong showing against a mid tier Power 5 team vs Mizzu. He was a Top 5 Dual threat QB as a senior despite missing most of the year to injury. If he can stay healthy, he's TEXAS starting QB for 2018.


Casey Thompson (4) Another of the Top dual threat QBs in the nation but he showed better than average accuracy as a Senior. Best part, he was Land Thief U/Riley's top choice and a legacy yet still came to TEXAS. Cheap Seats projects him to be QB 3 after camp mostly because of his extensive experience in a true dual threat role. Don't sleep on his passing though, he was a very good passer as a Senior

Cameron Rising (4) Rising is considered more a pro style guy but film shows he can move. He was one of the most sought after QBs in the nation and committed within a week of Thompson. Many expected one or the other to de-commit but both signed early and both are early enrollees. Expected to be the "passing" QB, he has shown the ability to move and run from the pocket.

Overview: To say the competition at QB the next 4 years is going to be fierce is an understatement. Oh yeah, CTH already has secured the verbal from the #1 QB in Texas in 2019. 


Daniel Young (3) As a True Freshman he has established himself as RB 1 coming into fall drills. He finished strong though was poorly utilized in the 1st half of the season. He finished #2 in rushing yards on the team with a 4.6 ypc average. He also showed an explosiveness not shared by his stable of running mates.

Toniel Carter (4) Originally a Georgia commit, he was a flip to TEXAS though like Young, was poorly utilized (a weekly Cheap Seats compliant last season) early in the year. He finished with a 4.8 ypc average and looks to share time with Young in 2018. These are two very good RBs to build around, now imagine what they can be with an even average offensive line?


Keaontany Ingram (4) The Top RB in TEXAS in 2018. He is considered a very versatile back who can do a bit of everything. We look for him to insert himself in the mix very early on in the RB rotation. 

Overview: One of the nitpicks of this group of RBs is that adding a 4th would have helped from a numbers standpoint. While Kyle Porter is a fine young man, if you need 3 yards, he'll get you 3 yards. If you need 4 yards. . .he'll get you 3 yards while explosive Kirk Johnson remains a Shipley-esq urban legend. Call this one a stand up double


Jordan Pouncey (3) Will be interesting to see what he can do to gain some PT after redshirting and with the class coming in behind him.


Brendan Eagles (4) Rated the #1 player in the state (LSR) this young man comes in with size, speed, great hands, great body control. Prototypical X WR. He'll need to work on route running (what HS kid doesn't) but he projects to be part of the 2 deep immediately. He goes up for contested balls (in highlights) like a basketball player.

Al'Vonte Woodard (4) #9 ranked player in the state. His game reminds us of BJ Johnson coming out of HS and about the same size. Another young man who will push for PT Day 1.

Joshua Moore (4) Perhaps the biggest surprise commit of the class, he committed late after most had him following his brother to Dead Dog Ville. Many project him as TEXAS' slot WR but he has the talent to play inside or outside. Very dangerous with the ball in his hands, more quick than fast and knows how to bring electricity to the game. With the sad but not shocking transfer announcement of RHM today, a spot in the two deep is open. One of these 5 moving into RHM role would not surprise.

Overview: Home run by CTH. He landed 3 of the top 5 WRs in the state, 2 of them Top 10 so we have both quality and needed depth, especially with RHM leaving. 


Reese Lietao (4) CTH steals one of OKlahoma's Top 5 players and a great TE on paper. Legal issues held him out of 2017 (at least per the participation reports). Reese has the size and potential to be an NFL quality TE.

Cade Brewer (3) Home town kid who had to play due to injuries at TE and showed really well. He likely starts spring drills as TE 1


Malcom Epps (4) #25 in the state. More of a pass catching TE than an in line player. Hopefully he redshirts to add weight/develop. Has great upside.

Overview: Our 2 in 2017 had TEXAS ranked with a Top 10 TE class. Excellent 2 year haul but only scoring this one a triple as CTH missed out on the #10 player in the state who headed north to Michigan. 

Offensive Line

Derrick Kerstetter (3) Forced into a starting RT role due to injuries, Derrick got off to a shakey start but by the end of the year was holding up very well. Kid looks like a player and projects to be TEXAS starting RT this year.

Samuel Cosmi (3) Rumors and stories out of practice say Cosmi is a guy to watch.


Junior Angilua (4) So far the biggest star power recruit of the class, one of the best OGs in the nation. The question is whether he takes a 2 year Mormon mission. He's good enough to push his way into the 2 deep as a true freshman but hopefully other players allow him to redshirt

Mike Grandy (4) Recently upgraded to 4 stars, Mike is a JUCO transfer who will compete for OG PT right away. 

Rafiti Ghirmai (3) Kid is from my son's high school here in Frisco. He has good tools and the type of player you want to bring in, red shirt, get in the weight room and let him turn into a beast.

Chris Jones (3) Listing him here as TEXAS recruited him to play OL but he can play DL as well. Has only played football for 2 years. Strong background in soccer so great feet and great size. Also, very smart, no grade risk here. Another of those develomental types that TEXAS has not had room for in the past. Will not be shocked if he doesn't turn into the best of the bunch.

Reese Moore (3) Converted TE moving the OT, very athletic. Another project who needs a year or 2 in the weight room and working on technique but oodles (industry term) of potential.

Overview: For all the quality and developable talent CTH has recruited, his most important addition this off season may well be adding Coach Hand as his new OL coach and sliding Coach Meekins to TE. After trotting out a MASH unit with 10 different starting line ups in 13 games in 2017, 2018 potentially has 3 new starters along the OL, 4 if someone like Patrick Hudson really steps up. The wildcard in this is 2018's most important recruit, grad transfer from Rice, Calvin Andersen. If he and Grandy can come in and provide immediate help, the OL classes are a triple, good numbers but many players needing a year or more to develop, otherwise, we score this a double only because CTH was left with a mess. 2 years from now OL appears on track to be strength of the team but can we get to 2 years from now is the question.

Defensive Tackle

Jamari Chislom (2) This Florida recruit saw time in 10 games in 2017. He came in as a 280 lbs DE but in Todd Orlando's front, can see him growing into a DT. . . and we can use some DT depth. But should be noted, TEXAS did not recruit a pure DT in 2017


Keondre Coburn (4) #14 player in the state and he might be a bit under rated. Very much a player who steps on campus and will contribute in the middle.

Moro Ojomo (3) The most under rated player in the class, might be the most under rated in the state, did not even crack the LSR this year. Did not have a Power 5 offer till Dec. TEXAS jumped in 1st, good job by the staff to see a talent and ignore everyone else's lack of attention.

Overview: Coach Todd often plays a 3 DL front so the numbers at DT might not be as important but as Poona Ford showed, being strong up the middle is a winning formula. We rank this a double only because we lack numbers at DT

Defensive End

Taquon Graham (3) Young man made himself part of the mix in 2017 and showed a flash or two. 

Max Cummins (2) project


Daniel Carson (3) Big kid 6'5" 270 out of Missouri. With his size, could he slide inside? Time will tell. Any kid who comes in at 265 lbs or more seems to be a potential candidate to move inside. It would be hard for any HS player to come to TEXAS with an S&C program and not add 20-30 lbs.

Mike Williams (3) HS QB from New Orleans who will play DE in college. Clearly he has the size and talent to be very good and TEXAS does well with kids named Mike Williams. ...as long as it's not about a girl.

Joseph Ossai (4) He kept us guessing till signing day but somebody has to make NSD fun. Now many project him to be the B-Backer (primarily a pass rusher but is asked to drop into coverage at times) in Coach Todd's 3-2-6 formation so not sure if he should count here or in the LB group. 

Overview: We'll call this a triple, good numbers, good talent but either Ossai and/or Williams might turn into the next Orakpo making this a home run.

Line backer

Gary Johnson (4) JUCO transfer who stepped on campus and played great. Head hunter instincts and he's the best LB on the 2018 team.

Marqez Bimage (4) Can he push into the 2 deep in 2018? No clue


Aylodede Adeoye (4) CTH plucked a Top 50 player (per Rivals) in Florida. Tells you how much talent is in Florida if #46 is a 4 star guy. He headlines the 2018 LB recruiting class

Byron Hobbs (3) No clue

Luke Brockemeyer (2) Legacy preferred walk on from one of TEXAS' legendary players. Kid turned down full ship offers from Rice, Northwestern Air Force and Oregon State (one of these not like the others)

Overview: Gary Johnson was everything advertized and a home run recruit, the rest? Give this a single that Gary legged out a double on shear hustle. If you consider Ossai a LB in our scheme, call it a stand up double. Signing day miss was 2 star Andrew Parker who stuck with his Pigs commit. 2 stars generally don't move the needle.

Defensive backs

Josh Thompson(4) Special teams demon in 2017, Josh looks to take advantage of TEXAS losing 3 starters and 2 seniors to find him room in the 2 deep

Montrell Estelle (4) Originally listed as an Athlete, Montrell shirted in 2017

Kobe Boyce (3) another 2017 red shirt. Will use the spring to try to crack the 2 deep


Caden Sterns (5) Oddly, the only 5 star player in the rolling 2 year review for TEXAS. Caden will be looking for early playing time at TEXAS. #5 player in the state

BJ Foster (4) Another top flight safety prospect who comes to TEXAS looking to take advantage of the vacuum left by Elliot jumping to the show. #3 player in the state. His performance at the Army AA game was spectacular.

Marvion Overshawn (4) Big Safety who is also known as a big hitter. Would not be shocked to see him spin down to OLB given his 6'4" 200 lbs HS size but he'll get a shot at safety first. #8 player in the state.

Anthony Cook (4) One time #1 player in the state, slide down to #2. Cornerback. . .

Jalen Green (4) #4 player in the state, he might be more ready at CB than Anthony Cook

D'Shawn Jamison (4) #17 player in the state. It is possible not one of the 2018 DBs redshirts

Overview: Grand Slam Home Run. In a year of the DB in Texas, CTH nabs the top 6 to go with a very nice group from 2017. DBU is back in a big way, this is the best DB class in the nation and far in front of #2. Great year to land such a class as 3 would-have-been Senior starters are bolting for the NFL.

Special Teams

Josh Rowland (3) Top JUCO kicker in 2017 did not pan out like hoped. He was shakey at best as the PK though money on kickoffs


Ryan Bujevski (3) What do you do when your 1st time ever at TEXAS Ray Guy winning Aussie bolts for the NFL? Simple, you look back down under and land another aussie. Big big shoes for Ryan to fill.

Cameron Dicker (3) Outstanding PK from Lake Travis. Likely 2018's PK

Overview: Lots of potential with the 2 newbies. . .sadly we're going to need them immediately. Call this one a double that just beat the tag. Remember, potential means you ain't done it yet. Scary having to rely on true freshmen in such critical roles.

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On the OB thread, another poster (sodiumacalate) did a more concise breakdown with grades.  My grades in purple but thought it was good work and the differences a matter of taste not talent.


2017 Sam Ehlinger
2018 Cameron Rising
2018 Casey Thompson

Grade: A
No Five-stars, but 3 great prospects shores up a position that has been managed dismally for years.

2017 Toneil Carter
2017 Daniel Young
2018 Keontay Ingram

Grade: A (B low on numbers, no Ricky/earl/JC types)
Again, no AD or Fournette types, but three really strong prospects.

2017 Jordan Pouncey
2018 Brennan Eagles
2018 Alvonte Woodard
2018 Josh Moore

Grade: B+  (A)
Needed an infusion of talent this year, and Texas got it in spades, but I still think we need to add more elite bodies in 2019.

2017 Cade Brewer
2017 Reese Leitau
2018 Malcolm Epps

Grade: A-  (B+)
I think we are in good shape here.

2017 Derek Kerstetter
2017 Sam Cosmi
2018 Junior Angelau
2018 Rafiti Ghirmai
2018 Christian Jones
2018 Reese Moore

Grade: B (Anderson would make this an A, otherwise B+/A- to me)
We have some nice pieces, but we need some war daddies next year. Grandy from JuCo is a great add, too.

2017 Taquan Graham
2018 Keondre Coburn
2018 Moro Ojomo
2018 Daniel Carson
2018 Mike Williams

Grade A-
Coburn was an absolute must get, and Ojomo might be a 3 year starter when it’s all said and done. The rest are some nice pieces that are projects with high ceilings.

2017 Marqez Bimage
2018 Ayodele Adeoye
2018 Byron Hobbs
2018 Joseph Ossai

Grade: B (B+/A- as he left of Gary Johnson who is a rock star, Ossai projects as a B-Backer in TO's 3-2-6)
There are obviously guys that can spin down, and it can be argued that Texas rarely has more than 2 linebackers on the field at a time, but I'd like to get a few BAMF's in 2019.

2017 Kobe Boyce
2017 Josh Thompson
2017 Montrell Estelle
2018 Anthony Cook
2018 Jalen Green
2018 Caden Sterns
2018 BJ Foster
2018 Demarvion Overshown
2018 D'Shawn Jamison

Grade: A+
That’s just stupid.



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2 hours ago, Grandpa Zorro said:

I'm just tired of running freshmen or RS freshmen at QB...It would be nice to see what an experienced JR or SR could do.

And I know...Fromm or Tagovailoa or Hurts...but it seems most of the impactful quarterbacks are upperclassmen.  At least that is what we see in our conference.

I agree, call me nieve but I believe UT is better in the QB room than it’s been is years. With Cam rising (Land thieves #1 prospect) and Casey Thompson we have depth. And fingers crossed the line keeps our QB1 and QB2 healthy so they can get a much needed redshirt. THEN throw in RJ and dammmn... this is the most important season for our horns and Herman. Conference is down and have to get W’s. 

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2 hours ago, okiehorn said:

I agree, call me nieve but I believe UT is better in the QB room than it’s been is years. With Cam rising (Land thieves #1 prospect) and Casey Thompson we have depth. And fingers crossed the line keeps our QB1 and QB2 healthy so they can get a much needed redshirt. THEN throw in RJ and dammmn... this is the most important season for our horns and Herman. Conference is down and have to get W’s. 


While you are correct we are better off than we have been since Colt left, our QB room is still more potential than accomplishment and RJ is a HS senior.



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1 hour ago, echeese said:


While you are correct we are better off than we have been since Colt left, our QB room is still more potential than accomplishment and RJ is a HS senior.



Yes I know he is still a senior but I have high hopes for the kid. I could end up being dead wrong. Just saying in a round a bout way all of it gives me hope as a fan. Something I haven’t had in a few years. 

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11 minutes ago, okiehorn said:

Yes I know he is still a senior but I have high hopes for the kid. I could end up being dead wrong. Just saying in a round a bout way all of it gives me hope as a fan. Something I haven’t had in a few years. 


I agree love our QB mix, just pointing out we're still running on potential not performance.

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I have a difficult time grading any of the skill players because of the OL issues. This year's offensive line reminded me of the issues an NFL expansion team has. Specifically the Texans. David Carr was a good QB, the pummeling he took because of the OL turned him into a shell of what he was. I think that is what's happening to Buechele. Hopefully Coach Hand can shore up the OL so it doesn't happen to Ehlinger.

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