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    • Wow. I’m shocked to hear they are taking both. Figured it was either or. Is Lewis that good to be a take? I’d much rather have Washington and McCoy. Didn’t think we had room for all of them. 
    • Not sure this is much of a debate. Buechele will get tons of reps this week and get into a good rhythm with the first team offense. Rising will get lots of second team reps to make sure he’s ready in an emergency. They will re-evaluate Sam and if the medical staff clears him to play before walk through son Thursday he will start. If not then it’s Buechele and I have faith in Herman to cater a game plan and play calling to his strengths. But no way Texas just rests Sam for the sake of resting him. Coaches always have a ton of pain tolerance for other people’s pain! They won’t risk an upset on that. I legit feel they think they can win with Buechele. But they know they can win with Sam. 
    • I admit I'm surprised Texas is ranked ahead of UG. Just need to continue winning.
    • Here's my take on 4* Safety- Tyler Owens:

      The Good- He's a project, the type Yancy gets in the weight room and turns into an animal. Our DB coaches and Orlando will have their work cut out for them. Very high ceiling, like NFL type ceiling bc he does make flashes that make you say "Wow." He has two big things you cant coach- Size and Speed.

      The Bad- He's a project, I don't see him contributing for 2-3 years. Horrible tackler, plays way too high. Bad at making reads and making fits in run game. Reminds me of Malik, where as Owens overruns plays bc he is so fast, that may also contribute to he's bad at tackling. I'll say it again... He's horrible at tackling. And lastly he seems to give up on plays or loaf quite a bit. 

      The Good again- Everything I mentioned in The bad can be coached out of him. I think he's a good take, especially with the studs we already have on the roster in front of him. @Sirhornsalot
    • Shoulder didn't seem to be bothering him at ACL.  If he is good to go, you play him and pull him once you have a good lead.  Too much at stake.