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    • I admire Shane for his commitment and heart, but he's a back-up and nothing more. TFH and Beck need to scrap the zone read with him at QB because he's no threat to run - period.
    • Attrition is coming, don't be surprised by any takes from here out.  
    • Texas is actually pretty thin at WR. They have 2 seniors in Burt and Heard 3 Juniors, including 2 that could leave early in Johnson and LJH. Duvernay is the other. The rest are Pouncey, Moore, Eagles, and Woodard (maybe Epps if you count him as a big WR), then there's Jamison who will probably switch back to Defense next year. Texas actually needs a big WR class
    • Wow. I’m shocked to hear they are taking both. Figured it was either or. Is Lewis that good to be a take? I’d much rather have Washington and McCoy. Didn’t think we had room for all of them. 
    • Not sure this is much of a debate. Buechele will get tons of reps this week and get into a good rhythm with the first team offense. Rising will get lots of second team reps to make sure he’s ready in an emergency. They will re-evaluate Sam and if the medical staff clears him to play before walk through son Thursday he will start. If not then it’s Buechele and I have faith in Herman to cater a game plan and play calling to his strengths. But no way Texas just rests Sam for the sake of resting him. Coaches always have a ton of pain tolerance for other people’s pain! They won’t risk an upset on that. I legit feel they think they can win with Buechele. But they know they can win with Sam.