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    • My final take.  The team is still learning how to win.  They won ugly and a win is a win.     That was literally one of the worst officiated games  have ever watched. Both ways, the entire game.  The early whistle on the latteral that was an easy scoop and score, The BU INT in the endzone which IMHO was going to go the way of the call on the field, regardless.  Missed OPI calls, BU holding on every down!      I can only hope we don't get that crew again this season.   The TV broadcast crew was equally bad.  
    • Most of you youngsters are not familiar with what Texas can do from a recruiting standpoint when Texas is winning and good.  If Herman really gets this thing going getting national 5 stars will become the norm. Mack Brown did it in the early 2000's. Like I said many of you have only been around the last decade which has been a shit show so I understand not having much optimism on landing these elite recruits. 
    • TCU mods are saying that Lewis was pretty much told to look around and that Patterson was good with him looking around. 
    • Not necessary. They are pretty high on Lewis and the two are probably not connected.  WR attrition/NFL etc is going to be high..