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Daniel Seahorn

BREAKING: Texas Hires TCU AD Chris Del Conte

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I watched the press conf today ... a 1pm replay (Austin time)... it will repeat. If you missed it, recommend catching it. Worth observing personal aspects of the man. 

I jotted this down... if I have the front end wording correct.

"I have a reverse pyramid. I'm a servant leader."   -Conte, 12/11/17

His whole theme, as I read it: it's all about The University of Texas -- (implied) before, during and after his time here. It's not about him. His job is to support the student athletes and the University. Period.

Humble man with humble beginnings, and apparently his life for the whole of his life led him to this. Great looking family. Good story about his two daughters when he was deciding to come here.

Have to say, I like him. And I'll leave off comparisons. This is a position of relative power, as is the HC, and those wielding a degree of success can get caught up in it. I'm looking forward to seeing how he navigates and creates along the way. I see him as a consensus builder, but not a politician. A listener capable of making good, at times hard and necessary decisions. From the outset I have confidence. Just my feelings from the press conference.

Randolph Duke did put on my glasses to seeing this decision with great respect for it, and I was not disappointed. So far, so good.


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Smart picked up some early intel on Saturday when reports of Del Conte's hiring broke via former Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley.

"He's the athletic administrator that I have more respect for than anyone I've ever been around in terms of people I've worked with," Smart said of Foley. "He texted me Saturday when the news came out and said, 'Just so you know, you're getting a guy who's the absolute best and he's got an unbelievable sense of humor and way about him as a person. You're really going to love being around him.'"


Chris Del Conte hire a boon for Shaka Smart, Texas basketball



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New Texas athletic director Chris Del Conte is going around meeting every team on campus. When he met with men’s basketball players, he had a simple request.

“Everyone take out your phones,” Del Conte told them, according to two people who were in the room. “Here is my number. Call me anytime.”

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