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Protective order against ou RB Rodney Anderson

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I bleed orange like everyone else on this board, but being from Katy I've watched Anderson the last several years.  While I don't know him personally, I do have friends who know him and his family well.  All you hear is great things about him and this just doesn't fit his profile.  I think there is a high probability that this is a false accusation, and if so, the girl should be prosecuted.

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Franchise Quest

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    • I agree; I appreciate both.  BUT I'ma need both to come back next year cuz I'm selfish like that  \\m//
    • I think Johnson may have played himself into a first round take , in which case he should go get his money. LJH could be in the same position....but likely he will need to ball out the rest of the year to get there. He might listen around and decide he needs one more year to move higher. Either way, I for one appreciate what both these guys have given us.
    • I had to double check that because I didnt believe it, but I got the book and there it was in black and white...Texas cannot get a comfortable lead and hold it....Damn!
    • That game was worse than Grant Teaff's last game (Texas at Baylor) which was horrible. 
    • Sorry 605, I just saw your question about the crowd but mig is spot on with his assessment. I'll add the ones who were there were loud. As far as the cruts, I sit on the west side so I could only guess they enjoyed themselves. Oh and in my original post, the "non-backward pass" that was (I've seen the replay) was the 1st offensive play of the 2nd quarter, not in the 1st Q.