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TexasSportsHolton Hill to forgo senior season and enter NFL Draft

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    • I thought he has signing ceremony set for 20 December?  Since he set the date, I don't think we would hear anything until then.  Not much to be concerned with as far as dragging out.  It sounds like his mind is set and I also thought I read somewhere has was making a video.
    • PG just was too big strong for Graham. They also had more speed. Both teams ran the slot T offense but when Graham went down big early it forced them into some spread 5 wide stuff. PG had some dudes in the back field, #15 their FB/RB was hard to bring down. #2 SB/WB was fast. Graham had no answer all night. I spoke with some old college buddies in the stands (who grew up in Graham) and they said the didn't think they had a chance against PG, said their team hadn't really played anybody all year and this was their first test by playing somebody who was bigger, faster, and stronger than they were. The score sure showed that way at the end of the game. The Star was a neat place, I'd recommend y'all going to try and catch a game there next year. Lots of restaurants/bars in the area are walk-able. 
    • I don't think Texas (historically) uses JUCOs quite enough.  While I agree that the lifeblood of healthy programs is high school recruiting.... I believe JUCOs can serve a significant role filling immediate needs for early NFL entries, unexpected busts, etc.... maybe three to five per signing class.  This could serve to keep the program competitive every year.  OL is a prime example right now.     
    • EJ and Roach bot still have him leaning towards UT. I hope they are right. It has also been said that LSU has started offering other CBs. Seems like they think Cook is a UT lean as well. 
    • Below is the exact quote from the Brainiacs. It sounds like to me that they could be saying that Texas is going to take 2 or 3 juco linemen.  And, while I certainly don't have any inside knowledge, I wouldn't necessarily take anything I read on any site as the absolute gospel on what will really happen. Especially the Brainiacs since some of their guys went to OU. – JUCO Offensive Lineman: Even with the addition of Angilau, Texas is still shopping for one or two JUCO offensive linemen. I am told Texas hasn’t quite made a decision on whether they will take one or two.