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Aaron Carrara

Texas to face Missouri in Texas Bowl

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1 hour ago, UTfish said:

True, Okie, but would the  Bama and Georgia defenses be ranked that high if they had played the same high octane offenses we faced?

This is right on the money..... after stating his fact, because it is a fact. I thought about it and SEC play tight and Run the ball. Big 12 spreads he field out and make it unbelievable hard to stop for 4 quarters... I guess we will find out but I firmly believe if a Bama played 10 games against offenses like Texas or OU does then they would not be where they are at every year. Anyone can upset you at anytime with the air raid that goes on in big 12.... that being said I hope Georgia shuts the high octain offense down because I HAAATE mayfield and can’t imagine what he will do post game if they win the natty

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1 hour ago, okiehorn said:

 I HAAATE mayfield and can’t imagine what he will do post game if they win the natty

He will grab his crotch, throw footballs at opponent cheerleaders and mascots, then he will be tackled by a really fast police officer next to a burning sofa. Than he and Manziel will party on inflatable swans.

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New UCF head coach Josh Heupel could still coach Missouri offense in Texas Bowl

Though Missouri Tigers offensive coordinator Josh Heupel was announced as the new head coach of the Central Florida Knights on Tuesday, he may still coach the Tigers against the Texas Longhorns in the Texas Bowl, according to a spokesperson for the Tigers.

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Franchise Quest

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    • Except that pitch to the short side on 4th and short. Makes my blood boil. How unaware of the situation do you have to be to run some new-fangled pitch to the short side on a crucial down? I mean just simple freaking spacial awareness tells you a pitch to the short side with defenders all packed in there, especially against a fast team, is DUMB. Mbhornsfan maybe we can agree to fire Herman if he does that again?
    • I'm just nick picking here, but I thought Collin Johnson was the offensive MVP and Caden Sterns was D MVP. I watching a CBS video and they named Caden as the national defensive player of the week. Herman couldn't answer on how many elite players he had on the team before the season. At this point I can see we have at least three, Collin Johnson , Caden Sterns, and Keaontay Ingram. I believe we can beat Kansas State without Keaontay, but we need him fully healthy for OU.  
    • We are still just battered fans... but you are right, these two wins are nothing to sneeze at. This tcu squad gave ohio state all it could handle last week on primetime.
    • I'll eat crow for sure... they played their tails off against TCU. I feel like I know a couple things: 1. We have the best defense in the Big 12 2. Our offense is not elite yet... and that could potentially cost us against better offenses. I am still not completely bought in yet cause I am a battered fan. We have to go up to Kansas and take care of business. Can't let the train slow down.. but finally there are signs that this team can be really good and the program is coming back. I'm cautiously optimistic. Gotta beat K-state. HookEm