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Playoff Chaos?

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On Cowherd this morning, in the second hour after "Kristine With the New" Joel Klatt summed it up first ten minutes of that half hour segment.

The committee is a joke and makes excuses for what it wants, which isn't "which teams are deserving?"  -- making this kind of selection not what the college football fans deserve.

He pointed out that the two conferences that have three teams in, play only 8 conference games, the other three Power 5 conferences play 9.

Bama played a shit schedule non-conference while -- as pointed out in posts above -- USC played Texas and Notre Dame. I think Klatt mentioned that all USC's games were against Power 5 teams. Or 11 of them were.

The SEC keeps playing non-Power 5 cupcakes the week before Thanksgiving, to insure they don't wreck their record or standings. That conference is being rewarded for playing 4 non-Conf nothing-burger games, with only a few of the teams (have to say A&M is one) actually play anybody.

Klatt added a breakdown of the changing "criteria" for several of the years. They get who they want and make excuses not explanations.

Klatt proposed eliminating divisions. Each conf puts their top 2 teams in a conf title game and winner advances. Of the five P5 conferences, then, one gets left out based on (whatever), but no one earns their way in unless they deserve to be in by playing it on the field.

I think the 14-team conferences can eliminate divisions but still create a year-to-year rotation, and should play TEN conference games, playing each of those 10 home-and-home. Then alter the schedule for the next two years. And so on. And stop playing 7 home games. Which, I believe, aggie does.

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Franchise Quest

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