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Jameson McCausland

Tom Herman's Weekly Press Conference Updates

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Franchise Quest

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    • I respectfully disagree.  Before the knee injury, Glass was the best player in the class.  There was no comparison in athleticism between Porter and Glass as the latter was a couple of tiers above Porter.  Glass wasn't the same runner last season coming off the knee injury, but as the season progressed, started to close in on his previous form.  I think with another off-season removed from the injury, people will once again see what all the buzz was about.  Glass has a chance to be special IMO and hope UT lands the young man.
    • Seems like talk going around is LSU may be the main competition, but they already have a RB commit and he would be the only 1 here.  Plus Orgeron has the program on a downward spiral and Drayton > Tommie Robinson.
    • He was at the opening in Florida this weekend. All the mods must have heard something about Cain. That's the 2nd or 3rd Florida based guy to CB him to Texas.
    • I've seen Glass play.  He is a player cut from the same mold as Porter.  And, like Porter, he was running behind an OL line as big as UT's - and probably better But, IMO, both would have to wait until Ingram graduates or goes to the league.  Neither are in his class as an RB.