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View from the Cheap Seats-Kansas

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View from the Cheap Seats-Kansas


Controlled scrimmage

It was Kansas, we always expect to beat Kansas. . .every year. Well except for last year, when we lost in OT. In some ways, just exactly the opponent we needed this week. Decent passing attack, which abused our secondary at times.

On a personal note, this was Michelle's 1st game in person in 2005, Senior Day. . Veterans Day. We got to visit with Ahrmed Hall's mom, Hall was in Afghanistan the same time as my brother in late 2001. We got to visit with Frank Denius, a true Texas and American hero. Kansas was actually a decent football team that year, TEXAS was on it's way to a National Title and destroyed Kansas.

Not this year, TEXAS came away with a win which is always nice but plenty to be concerned with as TEXAS now needs at least a split with West Virginia on the road and Texas Tech on T+1. 

Let's start with the highlights, Defense came out on fire and tonight's clear Player of the Game is Senior Antwuan Davis who was both an offensive and defensive star. He started with a Pick 6 to give TEXAS a 14-0 lead. Then he recovers a fumbled punt to give the O a short field and a TD. His last "big play" was taking points off the board for Kansas, deep in the red zone, he picks off a pass altered by Poona Ford getting pressure on Kansas' QB. 

Offensive player of the game was another senior, Lorenzo Joe who opened the game on play 1 with a 49 yard TD grab on his way to 5 catches for a career best 98 yards.

What went right

* Opening with a 49 yard TD pass always great

* Drive #3 was 5 runs, 56 yards and a TD. Thought we'd have a big night running with the freshmen RBs

* Chris Warren to HBack, an excellent role for him, one suggested here since the beginning of the year. He was also run wildcat for our last TD. Says a great deal about him that he is willing to sacrifice for the team

* Cheap Seats are a fan of the 3 WR/HBack look. Makes for better blocking. Now if we'll get our best players on the field, it would really help.

* 21 offensive points in the 1st quarter, 28 points total matched TEXAS' 1st quarter scoring for the entire year so far.

* Defense looked dominat at times. Held Kansas 8 times to 5 plays or less and punt or turnover.

* Michael Dickson remains the MVP of the Season, 2 great punts, one pinning KU at their 2. 

* 3 Seniors had excellent days, Jason Hall, Antwuan Davis and Jason Hall

* Sam Ehlinger in the game in the red zone. Excellent play call (there were actually a few of these though too few) with a run pass option to a wide open Brewer.

* Many like to bitch about Shane, young man was good tonight and certainly took a beating but kept coming back. Gotta love his grit. 

* Lil Jordan Humphrey continues to make plays, why he is not on the field more is simply a head scratcher. Reminder, we called him as the break out player of the year.

* TEXAS 4 of 6 on 4th down, keeping drives alive

* TEXAS 3 of 3 for TDs in the red zone

* Like the max protect concept

* 4 Turnovers, 1 a pick 6.

* Poona Ford is a beast, Hager a terror, Malik with an excellent night and REALLY glad we landed Gary Johnson.

* DeShaun Ellott is the best Safety since Earl Thomas, highlight stop in the 2nd quarter.

* Secondary won't be taking WVU and TT lightly. Lots of good "coaching moments" this week.


What went wrong

* We made Kansas look like a respectable football team at times.

* Defense was abused by Kansas' passing at times. Holton Hill will be missed, we do not have another CB like him

* After running the ball well in the 1st quarter, Kansas put a damper on our run game.

* Even in max protect, Buchelle was under way too much pressure all night

* Kansas' passing O does not bode well vs our next two opponents, especially WVU on the road in cold weather.

* Kyle Porter with 5 carries. 3 yards, 2 yards, 2 yards, -2 yards and 4 yards. 1.6 ypc. Can someone explain why to me? 

* Can someone explain to me why our best WR (Reggie Hemphill Mapps) gets no reps in our offense? While we start 2 players who are backups at best, though one had a nice game. 

* Can someone explain to me why a matchup nightmare in Lil Jordan barely saw the field in the 1st half? Why do we continue to self handicap?

* Our offensive line is ugly. Kansas came into the game giving up 180 yards rushing, we only managed 113

* Our play calling is perplexing, we have no rhythm. We simply cannot or do not use scheme and play calling to keep defenses off balance. 

* Did we mentioned we managed to make Kansas look like a football team?


Jerrod Heard

Have to give serious props to this young man. Last year he's moved to WR after a record setting performance as QB, the position he came to TEXAS to play. Then this year he's moved back to QB because we have no depth. Gives up a promising year as a pass catcher this year and now relegated to bench duty. Part of it circumstances but hate to see the talent wasted.


Wedge Sighting

Former poster Wedge 75 spotted on the sideline (or at least I think it's him). Flashing his T ring (lettered in golf) was part of the pre game flyover.

Great poster great Longhorn. 

Key to the year

Make no mistake, this team needs to win at least one of the next 2 in order to qualify for a bowl game. Whether we have under-performed up till now (we have) is moot. This team is about the future and those extra 2 weeks of practice are critical to this young team. Making a bowl gives CTH something to build upon. Tough test coming up, WVU on the road, in the cold. WVU coming off a nice win over KSU. 

Ranking the Big XII

#1 OU .. . ..biggest question, who will be their re-match opponent in the BigXII title game (what a joke that is)

#2 TCU yes, they lost to OU, still 2nd best team in the conference. Most likely re-match in CCG barring loss to Baylor or TT.

#3 OSU wild game with ISU, need some chaos to get to CCG.

#4 WVU Need help to get to CCG, going bowling

#5 TEXAS Needs a split to go bowling from next 2

#6 ISU Cinderella lost her slipper but she will be going bowling

#7 KSU Needs to split with ISU or OSU to go bowling. They might be staying home

#8 TT Needs to split with TCU or TEXAS to go bowling.

#9 Baylor F Baylor

#10 Kansas at least basketball has started




Sort out weekend, if I had a vote today

#1 Bama

#2 Miami making a big jump with their huge win over ND

#3 Whisky One of three Power 5 unbeatens

#4 OU

Outside looking in

#5 Clemson They win out, they are in

#6 Georgia They win out, they are in

Could this be the 1st year either one conference gets 2 invitees or we see a 2 loss team invited? And we might have both.

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3 hours ago, echeese said:
Jerrod Heard

Have to give serious props to this young man. Last year he's moved to WR after a record setting performance as QB, the position he came to TEXAS to play. Then this year he's moved back to QB because we have no depth. Gives up a promising year as a pass catcher this year and now relegated to bench duty. Part of it circumstances but hate to see the talent wasted. 

It's a damn shame...kid has NFL talent but doesn't get to showcase that talent. Glad he has another year left as this year was totally wasted. No fault of his...shameful

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That's quite a write up and opinionated as hell.:)  (actually it was quite impressive)

But Doctor Know-it-all has the precise two answers as to why our offense and, subsequently, our season suck.

1.   The players on the offensive line.

2.  The offensive play callers.

End of story.

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    • I respectfully disagree.  Before the knee injury, Glass was the best player in the class.  There was no comparison in athleticism between Porter and Glass as the latter was a couple of tiers above Porter.  Glass wasn't the same runner last season coming off the knee injury, but as the season progressed, started to close in on his previous form.  I think with another off-season removed from the injury, people will once again see what all the buzz was about.  Glass has a chance to be special IMO and hope UT lands the young man.
    • Seems like talk going around is LSU may be the main competition, but they already have a RB commit and he would be the only 1 here.  Plus Orgeron has the program on a downward spiral and Drayton > Tommie Robinson.
    • He was at the opening in Florida this weekend. All the mods must have heard something about Cain. That's the 2nd or 3rd Florida based guy to CB him to Texas.
    • I've seen Glass play.  He is a player cut from the same mold as Porter.  And, like Porter, he was running behind an OL line as big as UT's - and probably better But, IMO, both would have to wait until Ingram graduates or goes to the league.  Neither are in his class as an RB.