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Aaron Carrara

*****Texas vs. Kansas Game Thread*****

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8 minutes ago, MikeV73 said:

Horrible play call.  Get your receivers beyond the sticks Beck.

Totally agree; however, in order to give Shane enough time they have to max protect with only 2 WRs in the pattern.  They have to get rid of the ball quickly.  It' sad but true.

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I have stayed off of the thread because I wanted to analyze the game and not be influenced by what anyone said.

Many times on failed plays, whether pass  or run or sack, the guilty party was Nickleson.  That is just bad luck due to injury.  Y'all can disagree if you want, but go back and watch it again.  I did.

I agree about keeping Warren in as an H-back.  I don't know why they took him out, unless he is injured in some way, which wouldn't be out of the question.

I won't criticize Boo, or Beck, or any other offensive player as long as Tristan Nickelson is playing a tackle position.  He is the liability, but is playing because we have no one else.  Not much to do about it.


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