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Depth Chart for TX/OU

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6 minutes ago, North Texas Golfer said:

I'm going to hazard a guess that the only depth chart that means anything to any and every coach is the Saturday depth chart. Or whatever day you happen to be playing. 


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– Team Note | Open CB Battle: Some of you might have noticed that CB Davante Davis played a lot in the second half vs Kansas State over Kris Boyd. I wasn’t sure if Boyd was hurt or what, so I talked to a source about it after the game.

It sounds like Boyd was pulled from the game for poor performance. I was told “He just kept messing up, so they pulled him.” The biggest issues came with Boyd being out of position at times, and there may be an open competition at CB for the spot opposite Holton Hill this week. The main two guys are Boyd and Davis, but another name is watch is Josh Thompson. So that is something to keep an eye on.


– Team Note | Toneil Carter: On Saturday, freshman RB Toneil Carter ran for 32 yards on 6 carries (over 5 YPC) and Kyle Porter and Chris Warren ran for 27 yards on 14 carries (less than 2 YPC) combined. But there were some asking questions about Carter’s health as I don’t think he got any carries in the second half.

I talked to a source on that situation and Carter is healthy. He just wasn’t given any carries in the second half for whatever reason. I can understand the staff’s reluctance to have a true freshman at QB and RB, but Carter is the best option to compliment the style of play Chris Warren brings. Carter also has the most big play ability, as Tom Herman has noted. We’ll see if we see more of Carter this week vs Oklahoma. – (Andrew)


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