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Baker Mayfield trash talk. Already

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Now don't get me wrong...I really don't like this guy.... But that was probably the most harmless smack I've ever heard him say. He's still a douche, but a quote like this is what's great about college and TXHSFB rivalries. If I were talking about a player from my rival high school, I'd probably say something similar.


That being said... He and OU still suck.

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2 minutes ago, BevoBlake said:

Have to agree with Bry, that was smack talk lite. 

Yes it wasn’t bad but I’d be worried about other things after getting embarrassed by ISU and getting held to 7 points in the 2nd half by a below average defense lol he is a POS. Even if he played for UT I’d believe he is worthless. Just his attitude 

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