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  1. JMagana


Franchise Quest

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    • He's a player of note at the Senior bowl this week.
        OT Desmond Harrison, 6’6, 313 lbs, West Georgia

      What a surprise? Another small school prospect but you’re going to have to get creative in this class of offensive linemen. Harrison was actually a former Longhorn but failed drug tests got him dismissed by then-coach Charlie Strong. Harrison really played well for the Wolves and he’s got a lot riding on this opportunity. He’s got NFL size, quickness, athleticism, and length.

      Harrison is better developed than a lot of offensive linemen in this draft and could really see his draft stock soar with a solid Senior Bowl performance. He’s seemingly put his problems behind him and is currently projected as a second-round pick with potential to move up the boards.

    • Kinda hope Leon goes to aggy. He would fit right in.
    • The hate is strong with this one....
    • I think Neon Leon is telling Overshown he needs that "win or lose" attitude to play for Texas.
    • Another tweet that I don't get. Am I just dense or what?......Wait. Don't answer that.