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Franchise Quest

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    • I don't have this problem on my flip phone.
    • Got this from another site. Person did a good job breaking everything down.   18 recruiting class: https://www.perfectgame.org/rankings/Recruiting/CollegeCommits.aspx?ID=1829&g=2018 RHP Mason Bryant, LHP Thomas Burbank, SS Alec Carr, RHP Coy Cobb, 2B Lance Ford, 3B Peter Geib, SS Tanner Haney, OF Eric Kennedy, RHP Kolby Kubichek, SS Greyson Lembcke, RHP Ty Madden, RHP Owen Meaney, RHP Jack Neely, C Caston Peter, RHP Justin Quinn, SS Bryce Reagan, OF Chase Roberts.  Simeon Woods Richardson already signed with the Mets. Korely Holland (OFer) has yet to make a decision.  Transfers added to the roster:  Bryson Smith. https://texassports.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=7739 .271/.315/.329 at Western Kentucky. Played 2B and 3B.  Likely Returning position players:  David Hamilton (SS), Tate Shaw (OF), Ryan Reynolds (3B), DJ Pretrinsky (C), Masen Hibbeler (OF/INF), Duke Ellis (OF), Zach Zubia (1B/DH), Austin Todd (OF) Guys I have no clue about: Michael McCann (C), George Pappas (C), Sam Bertelson (INF), Turner Gauntt (C) Likely returning pitchers:  Kamron Fields (RHP), Bryce Elder (RHP), Nico O'Donnell (RHP), Donny Diaz (RHP), Blair Henley (RHP), Bennett Inoff (RHP), Matteo Bocchi (RHP), Cole Quintanilla (RHP), Tristan Stevens (RHP), Matthew Whelan (RHP), Brandon Ivey (LHP), Michael Streitmann (RHP), Chris Fearon (RHP), Beau Ridgeway (RHP) *Both Diaz and Quintanilla are coming off Tommy John surgery.    Don't remember what the max roster number is, but we have a lot of guys to choose from.
    • Jameson, thank you.  You did a wonderful job.  It is much appreciated.  
    • I was just talking to a couple other reporters about Madden last night. I would not be surprised at all if he works his way into the weekend rotation as a freshman.
    • This article sums up the season nicely, Jameson.  Great job!  I'm already looking forward to next season.  Earmark the name Tyler Madden.  Pretty excited about this kid