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Daniel Seahorn

Former Texas RB D'Onta Foreman Arrested

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Was about to post this. I now have several more questions about this arrest in general.



Exactly. In the state of Texas, a vehicle is an extension of your home. So you can legally have a firearm in your vehicle. It doesn't even have to be his firearm.


So I definitely do not understand the gun charge. The only thing I can think of would be if he made some illegal modification to the gun. Probably not likely though. Or, they're completely attributing the pot to DF's possession, which would be possessing a firearm while in possession of a controlled substance, or something like that.

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Same here, Daniel and SHA. It sounds like a completely BS charge. That statement was done by a professional that knows what he or she is doing and addresses every contingency. It makes the UT cops look bad.


I wonder why they even stopped and questioned him. There is nothing about a traffic irregularity.

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