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Will Baizer

Prime 21 Camp Thread

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I'm here live at Prime 21. I'll be bringing live premium coverage.

For those unaware, Prime 21 is a camp that brings some of the top underclassmen talent in the nation. We have the guys of the future here.

So far I've checked in with guys like:
5-star DB Dax Hill
4-star TE Austin Stogner
4-star WR Theo Wease Jr
4-star WR Arjei Henderson
4-star WR Marquez Beason
4-star QB Grant Gunnell
4-star WR/S Jordan Whittington
4-star QB Grant Tisdale

5-star RB Jase McClellan
4-star DB RJ Mickens

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4-star WR Jordan Whittington:


Recently dropped his Top 4. I think he may be dropping a commitment pretty soon. Gun to my head I'd say A&M has a lead here right now.


What will make your top 4 stand out?

How they do during the season. If the coaching staff stays. Building relationships with the coaches.


What do you like about Texas?

I like the environment. The tradition. The coaching staff. Offensive style. And the city! I love the city.


What about Tom Herman stands out to you?

He's lit! 


And what's you favorite part about Austin?

It's all there man. 


What's special about A&M?

The fan support and the network. And one of my brothers went there, so I like everything. I hope Kevin Sumlin stays.

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4-star WR Theo Wease Jr:


He will be attending the Texas camp 7/21. Still really likes OU, but Texas is very strong contender.

His visit next week will be his first since last year, and his first with Herman in control. I like Texas' chances here.


What are you looking for when you visit Texas?

That excitement and that energy that everyone is talking about. They're saying how Coach Herman is a great coach and a great dude. I want to see if he can change my mind to commit to Texas because you know I like OU a lot.


When you meet Coach Herman for the first time, what will be your question for him?

How'd you do it? How'd you get all these top player commits? 


What are you looking for in the school?

Just if I'm comfortable with it. I'm bringing my dad with me. I want to see if I feel at home.


What is it about Oklahoma that made you fall in love with it?

It's just a family thing. Before I even met with the coaches I felt at home. And the coaches keep it real. They don't tell you what you want to hear.


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4-star QB Grant Tisdale


Grant Tisdale is one of my favorite QBs in the 2019 class. He's everything Texas would want for their offense.

He is very high on Texas as he has visited quite a bit. Still no offer. He will be visiting them again next week 7/21 for the camp.


What are you looking for on your visit?

Just to have fun with the coaching staff. And an offer.


What do you like about Texas?

The coaching staff. Austin has a family atmosphere and it's a place I feel where I can grow as a person.


What is something that people don't know about you?

I'm a lazy person. I play video games like Madden... If anybody wants some just let me know.

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2019 DB Xavier Player


Xavier is a player to keep an eye on as he grows. He's got some good technical skills. Not well known yet, but people are starting to recognize his skill.

He plays for Cibolo Steele, so he's behind quite a few guys. When it's his turn I think he'll be a good guy to know.


Who's talking to you?

Bryan Carrington. He really likes my feet and hands.


And you recently visited Texas?

Lots of great technique teaching by coach Jason Washington.



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4-star DB Dax Hill


One of my favorite players this cycle, and the dude I have the best relationship with in 2019. He has just recently blown up with offers from Ohio State, Michigan, Texas, Oklahoma... etc. He had 1 in February.

I think I've talked about him here before, but he's the whole enchilada. He's got speed, size, technique, strength, and instinct.

A lot of people have him pegged for Oklahoma, but I wouldn't be so sure. Personally, I believe there is a very good chance he heads out of state because he's just realizing how much people value him. 

Texas is in a good position here. They have more work to do, but Herman and co. have done a good job hoping on the Dax train early.


What schools are you looking at right now?

Michigan and Ohio State. Those two schools have been on my very hard. The in-state schools OU and OSU.


Any visits coming up?

Arkansas I'll be visitng in July. Come August, I'll have to see where I'm at.


How are you feeling about Texas these days?

Theyre a really good school and there is a lot of tradition behind it. They have some new facility, the players, Tom Herman... it's all good. Coach Naivar has been hitting me up. He wants me to take a trip down there. Hopefully I can get down there soon. They wanted me to come to the pool party, but I couldn't make the trip.


How hard will it be to get you out of the state?

Not that hard. I'm just taking my time and weighing my options.



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4-star WR Marquez Beason


The ex-Nebraska commit is a super athlete. Another one of my favorites in the class. He'll be able to play either WR/DB at the next level.

The dude loves Texas. Tries to make every trip to Austin that he can, and will be visiting next week 7/21 for the camp. Gun-to-head it's Texas.

He's a take.


How you feeling about Texas these days?

It feels good that I can go to the hometown team. And also... it's Texas. That's all I need to say.


What are you looking for visiting Texas this time?

The culture and how they treat me.


What do you think about Tom Herman?

He's a great coach. A great offensive mind. His guys rally around him, so I respect him a lot.



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4-star WR Arjei Henderson


One of the best WRs in the country. Arjei was an Oklahoma commit early, but decommitted pretty soon afterwards. Now he's pretty enamored with the Longhorns and Mehringer is doing a good job at nurturing the relationship. He will be visiting next week 7/21 for the camp.


What are you looking for during your trip to Texas?

The same things I've always seen in UT. Great program and great coaches. Looking for the atmosphere and building relationships there. Last time I was there back in January and they weren't even done with the construction, but I loved it. I'm looking for what I've always seen... and those new lockers.


What's Tom Herman like?

Shhh... He crazy. Real cool dude. He's about business. I feel he's about to turn the program around like he did at U of H. He's has a purpose and I'm ready to see what he does with the program.


What about the other coaches?

Coach Naivar and Coach Mehringer came down to my Spring practice a couple of times. Naivar is a crazy dude. They're all crazy. They all have a winning attitude.


So why did you end up decommitting fro Oklahoma?

I just rushed the process. They're definitely not out of the question, but I want to take a second to look at things, weigh my options and make the best decision.

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Good stuff Will, kinda' stinks that Wittington is in a hurry to commit to aggy yet says he wants to see how the seasons play out. Oh well, if they lay an egg ( which they will ) and Rumlin is canned he probably decommits.


Also, if/when Tisdale is offered, do you get the impression he'll pull the trigger pretty quick?

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OK I'm a doofus. But would you explain what the prime 21 camp is and where is it?

And some of the names you mentioned-it's not clear to me if they are 2018 or 2019.

The classification is laid out in the OP or in the following posts in the case of Xavier Player. This seems to be a camp heavy on underclassmen.

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2020 5-star RB Jase McClellan


I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Jase McClellan is the best RB in the state regardless of class.

It's super early on for this guy, but he's already blown up. Texas is yet to offer him, but he's been to Austin plenty of times for 1-on-1 time with Stan Drayton, and he will be going back down to Austin next week 7/21. I'd look for the staff to extend their first 2020 offer soon to this guy.


What are you looking for to this time in Austin?

I looking for an offer and get closer with Coach Drayton and the rest of the coaching staff.


What do you think of Stan Drayton?

He's a nice guy. He'll get on you when you mess up, but he knows how to fix it.


What schools are sticking out to you early here?

Texas, UGA, and Oklahoma.


What was your last visit there like?

It was an experience getting Stan Drayton to teach me and learn under him. Then I got to get some one-on-one time with Coach Drayton and he took me around the campus and the locker room.


What right now will be the big deciding factor for which school you go to?

The personality of the running back coach, family of the team, and my connection with the team and the coaching staff.



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2020 DB RJ Mickens


RJ Mickens is blowing up very early on and can claim offers from schools like Alabama, Stanford, and Texas A&M. The Longhorn coaches are keeping in contact with the technically sound DB, but have yet to pull the trigger on an offer. He will be back in Austin the 21st


What are the Texas coaches telling you?

They're telling me to come down the 21st. They want to see me play more because they don't know which position I can play whether it is corner, nickle or safety.


What are you looking for in Austin next week?

Just to have a good performance and show them I can play a bit. Also to meet guys like DeShon Elliott and them all. The staff is really cool and they show a lot of love.

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