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Agree, but this is the third time he has decommitted. He will end up playing at Hawaii Tech if he is looking for a school with no WR competition.

You are mistaken my friend. Hawaii Tech has the Polynesian Danny Amendola starting at the slot. Can't recall his name, but he is faster than small town gossip and quicker than a hiccup. ðŸ˜

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Blowing the dust off this thread a bit. Putting in a 2019 pick change for Jordan Whittington to A&M. Hearing this is trending towards the Aggies.

Will probably commit to them by the end of the month. The Hammster has said they are getting a 2019 commit by end of July.

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    • Hilarious to see the spin on aggy boards.  Garth and Lindberg are now "not really that good" lol.
    • Staff doesn't like Wright.  Look at his frame and then look at the 4 main guys in-state we are after.  Umanmielen is the interior guy for this class.  
    • Anyone know how many DTs LSU plans on taking? They have 3 committed already plus are in a good spot for Mckinnley Jackson.   I’m asking cause I hope they back off Branard Wright and helps him come down to the good guys! If not him let’s get Jacobian Guillory out of Louisiana. I see we’ve offered him as well. 
    • Yeah, over the last handful of games, you can see Shaka making an effort to Jaxson rest when he can, even when he's not in foul trouble. If Rick was still coaching this team, he would be running Jaxson into the ground with the minutes. There's a clear dropoff from Jaxson to Jericho. However, Jericho wasn't helped by some poor passing from Kerwin when he was in the game. I will say though, Royce played some hard minutes and provided a spark for the team. If every player gave the same effort Royce gave on Saturday, I feel this season could've been different. That said, glad the good guys could bring home a win for you and the kiddos!
    • Bwybes has got to be a troll. I would say the same about Daddy but he has already been outed as a car insurance salesman who attended aggy.