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  • Texas vs Iowa State kickoff will take place on Saturday, November 17th @ 7:00 PM at DKR-TMS in Austin
  • Texas Football schedules Georgia for home and home series in 2028 and 2029
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****Texas vs Texas Tech Official Game Thread 3/18****

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Happy Saturday, seamheads!


Let's play some baseball.



Photo courtesy TexasSports.com


Game time: 4 PM CDT


Radio: 104.9 FM

Stream: www.texassports.com

Live updates: https://twitter.com/joeywa_44


Probable matchup on the bump: Texas RHP Morgan Cooper (2-0, 1.88) vs. Tech LHP Steven Gingery (3-0, 1.47)


The Longhorns got a great effort from their pitching staff in an unfortunate 2-1 loss last night.  The Horns were let down at the plate, chalking up a mere two hits, striking out 11 times and leaving runners in scoring position on multiple occasions.  The chances to pull out a victory were there, Texas just failed to capitalize.  They'll try to even up the series today.  



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Three things:

1. Umpiring is terrible all over the country but especially at DFF. I would take Tim Henderson right now and that's saying something.

2. If you get called out on strikes, that's your own damn fault.

3. If McCann isn't in the game today, Cantu has compromising pictures of Pierce with Chancellor McRavens wife and dog

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Any update about Mathis or Gurwitz?


First, WELCOME TO HORNSPORTS, Amy!  Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you will chime in here and 'purty' the joint up a bit.  It kind of gets smelly around here sometimes.  Hopefully you come armed with a little Febreeze :)


We have a few ladies on the board, but we always could use more. 


All that's been said about Mathis is that it's a day-to-day leg injury. And John is correct; Zane out 2-3 weeks to give the hamstring a chance to heal up. 



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Hmmm re: lineup ... ¿Cantú? I'm a fan, but, wow.


Certain pitchers prefer and do better with certain catchers.  My guess is we'll probably see McCann tomorrow catching Henley.  Coop and Cantu have been doing this for a while.  It's not out of the norm to see this type of thing.  I get the concern from a hitting standpoint, but the first order of business is to make sure your P has a certain comfort level with his C.  That explanation would make the most sense to me, especially as the father of a catcher. 


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I'll be doing the Twitter batter-by-batter live updates and will chime in here between half-innings for the most part. 


Will is en route to Houston for football recruiting stuff.  Let's do this!

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Here we go.





Long Draws a walk

Jung Single thru the right side on 0-2

Gardner  KS; tried to SAC bunt but couldn't get one down

Hargrove Fouled off several pitches, hits a slow comebacker; 2 outs.  Runners advance to 2&3

Berglund KS on a full count....SIT DOWN.  Ha.


Scoreless headed B1


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Jones Leadoff walk; Jones worked a 3-1 count full, fouled one and drew the walk

Hamilton hits a dribbler; 5-3 moves Jones to 2B; 1 out

Kacy Walk on 5-pitches; runners on 1&2

Todd FC, but E1 sends the ball into CF trying for the 1-6-3 DP; RBI as Jones scores; Runners at the corners

Boswell KS

Reynolds KS




Horns up 1-0 thru 1 complete

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Davis Leadoff walk

Long  U3 on the hit & run; only play for Kacy at 1B; 1 out

Jung Lined a FB up into RF for an RBI single

Game tied at 1

Gardner Singles into RF; runners at 1&2

Hargrove L9; 2 outs; runners hold

Berglund RBI Single into CF;

TT up 2-1

Cooper leaving way too many pitches up right now

Garcia F9 ends it



Horns trail 2-1 headed B3

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I don't know if this kid from Tech can break glass from 60 feet, but he sure made Cantu look foolish.


Cantu doesn't have the market cornered on that today.  Several of our guys look twisted up.

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