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****Texas vs Texas Tech Official St. Patty's Day Game Thread****

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Top 2nd:


Nolan 58gCciD.pngingham on the mound at 14 pitches.


1st Raider up is Hunter Hargrove

On 5 pitches, Hargrove grounds out to David Hamilton.

1 up 1 down


2nd Raider up is Michael Berglund

Clean stroke by the freshman and it lands in LF for a single.

1 on, 1 out.


3rd Raider up is Cody Farhat

He flies out to right CF.

2 outs. Man on 1st.


4th Raider is Zach Rheams.

1 pitch, 1 swing, 1 fly to RF, 3 outs.


End of the T2nd.


Still 0-0.


Nolan 58gCciD.pngingham at 26 pitches, 16 strikes.

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Bottom 2nd:


Davis Martin still on the mound with 16 pitches.


Leading off for Longhorns is Bret Boswell.

1 pitch and 1 out. grounder to 1st.


2nd Longhorn is Ryan Reynolds.

Hiiiiiiiigh pop fly. Doesn't leave the outfield.

2 outs.


3rd Longhorn up is Kody Clemens.

Hot grounder straight at the SS


3 up 3 down.


Martin at 26 pitches.


Still 0-0

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Top 3rd:


Nolan 58gCciD.pngingham on the mound at 26 pitches


1st batter is Connor Beck

Hard grounder to Bret Boswell.

1 pitch 1 out. 


2nd batter is Michael Davis

Deep ball and its a homer run. His 3rd of the year.



3rd batter up is Ryan Long

He hits a ball up the middle past a diving David Hamilton


4th batter is Josh Jung

Aaaand that's a 6-4-3 double play.


Longhorns get out of the inning only giving up one on a deep ball to left center.


Longhorns trail 0-1

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Bottom 3rd


Davis Martin up with 26 pitches


1st up for Texas is Michael Cantu

Knocks it right back to the pitcher.

1 out.



2nd Longhorn is Tate Shaw


Just over the fence and over the hand of the RF.




3rd Longhorn is Travis Jones

He strikes out looking.

2 down.


4th Longhorn is David Hamilton.

Hits a ball to 2nd. Ground out.

3 outs.


Texas answers the 9-hole home run by Texas Tech with a 9-hole home run of their own.

Texas ties is 1-1

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Top 4th:


Nolan Kingham on mound with 40 pitches


1st up is Tanner Gardner

Base hit between 1st and 2nd.

Man on 1st.


2nd up is Hunter Hargrove

Flies out to RF.

1 out 1 on


3rd up is Michael Berglund

Another 6-4-3 to end the inning

That's 2 in a row. â˜œ(゚ヮ゚☜)


Still all tied up at 1's

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Bottom 4th:


Davis Martin on mound at 39 pitches


1st Longhorns up is Kacy Clemens

Soft liner to the 2nd baseman on the 1st pitch

1 out


2nd Longhorn up is Austin Todd

On a full count Todd lines straight to the SS

2 outs


3rd Longhorn up is Bret Boswell

HIIIIIIIGH fly ball into the wind. Other side of the field and it's a HR.

Instead out 3.


quick 9 pitch inning for Martin.


Still tied 1-1

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Top 5th:


Nolan Kingham on the mound with 51 pitches


1st batter is Orlando Garcia

Soft dribbler to the mound. 

Easy out #1.


2nd batter is Zach Rheams

Hits a bouncer to Bret Boswell.

Another easy out for out #2


3rd batter is Connor Beck

Gets a full count and a foul ball right into Cantu's crouch...


Beck gets a shot through the gap to LF.

2 outs. Man on 1st.


4th batter up is Michael Davis

Strike 3 looking for 58gCciD.png58gCciD.pngingham


Texas keeps it tied at 1's.

58gCciD.png58gCciD.pngingham at 70 pitches.

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