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****Texas vs Texas Tech Official St. Patty's Day Game Thread****

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Texas Drops the Pitcher Duel and First Conference Game to Texas Tech 1-2

By Will Baizer


It was a good old fashion pitchers’ duel in the first of three vs Texas Tech. The match up was Texas’ Nolan Kingham (2-2, 0.95 ERA) vs Texas Tech’s Davis Martin (3-1, 3.10 ERA) and both pitchers only gave up one run through 6 complete innings.


Both of those runs came off solo shots by the 9-hole hitters for each team. Texas Tech’s 9-hole hitter, Michael Davis (1-3 w/1 HR), took Kingham yard, sending his ball over the left center field fence.

Texas’ 9-hole hitter, Tate Shaw (1-1 w/1 HR), responded with his very own deep shot over the right field wall, just getting over the glove of a leaping right fielder.


However, you know what they say, “If the pitcher needs to throw a shut out then you’re going to lose the game.” Well, that statement doesn’t ring any truer when Kingham takes the mound. It just seems like whenever Kingham gives up a run, the offense cannot get enough firepower to put runs on the board for him. It may seem that way because it has been so far. Two wins with two shut outs. Two loses two games giving up a run. Nolan Kingham pitched 7 complete innings, had 3Ks on 93 pitches, and only allowed 2 earned runs. His ERA still sits at sub 1 despite having 28.1 innings pitched. In fact, he’s only given up 3 earned runs (4 total) this entire year during his 5 appearances.


On the other side, Davis Martin had something to prove after Texas took him to town last year during his freshman season when he gave up 5 runs over six innings in his longest career game (103 pitches). This year he took it to the Longhorns surrendering only 1 run off only 2 hits over 6â…“ innings tallying 6Ks.


Nolan Kingham gave up just one more run in the 7th inning when Texas Tech put on a hit and run and Mike Berglund (2-4 w/1 RBI) knocked a double into the right field corner. That was enough for the Texas Tech Red Raiders to take the first game in Austin 2-1.


Game 2 of the series will begin at 6:30PM and the starting pitcher will be Morgan Cooper







Happy St. Patrick's Day, seamheads! 









Photos courtesy UT Baseball Equipment/Texas Baseball



Game Time: 6:30 PM CDT

TV: Longhorn Network

Radio: 104.9 FM

Stream: http://www.texassports.com/audio

StatTracker: http://www.sidearmstats.com/texas/baseball/

Live Updates: https://twitter.com/joeywa_44




The Horns are coming in hot, having won 6 straight since their trip to California.  Tech has been struggling as of late, 5-3 over their last eight, including losses to A&M, UTSA and UTA.   Tech is currently ranked #6 in the nation.  


Probable matchup on the bump: . Texas RHP Nolan Kingham (2-1, 0.42) vs. Tech RHP Davis Martin (2-1, 3.57)




We'll do discussion, inning and game updates and possibly green beer and Irish whiskey, all right here at HornSports. 



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Also, Pierce spoke a little this week about the Gurwitz injurie.  Gurwitz will be out for probably 3 weeks after reaggravating his hamstring on Tuesday. 

There has been no real update on Mathis after he left the A&M game late.  He took a hard spill tracking down a foul ball.  In the replays it appeared that he stumbled awkwardly before sliding into the RF side fence. 

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Someone please tell me again why McCann isn't catching tonight. A night that runs will be at a premium.


Likely a defensive move by Pierce.  Coach has shown no predictability for the rotation at C so far. 


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Here at the ballpark!


Texas Tech repping some green caps, grey pants, and black tops.


Texas wearing the white jesey, white hats, and white pants with the long burnt orange socks.


It's a beautiful day and 80F outside.


Your Starting Pitchers are:



RHP Davis Martin (2-1 3.57 ERA)



RHP Nolan Kingham (2-1 0.42 ERA)


Nolan Kingham has allowed 1 earned run over 21.1IP. 


Texas Tech's best bat is 1st base man Hunter Hargrove.

He's hitting .351 (26/74) with 17 RBIs, 3 HRs, 1 3B, and 7 2Bs. Hargrove has a SLG% of .595


Texas' best bat in the lineup tonight is Kacy Clemens.

He's hitting .365 (23/63) with 14 RBIs, 4 HRs, and 6 2Bs. SLG% of .651


First pitch in 10 minutes.

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Top 1st:


Nolan Kingham starting


1st Raider up is Ryan Long

He grounds out to 2nd on 2nd pitch


2nd Raider is Josh Jung

Jung watches strike 3.

2 outs.


3rd Raider is Tanner Gardner

hits a dribbler to Kacy Clemens. 3 unassisted.



1-2-3 inning on 14 pitches.


Nolan 58gCciD.pngingham

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Bottom 1st:


Davis Martin starting for Tech


1st Longhorn up is Travis Jones

On a full count, Jones thinks he gets ball 4, but the ump let's him know it's not.

I guess we got a big strike zone?

1 out


2nd Longhorn up is David Hamilton up

Flies it deep to left center

2 outs.


3rd Longhorn up is Kacy Clemens

He watches ball 4 go by.

That's just Davis Martin's 3rd walk of the year.

2 outs. 1 on.


4th up is Austin Todd

He flies out to RF.


End of inning.

16 pitches.


Still 0-0

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