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****Texas vs Texas A&M Official Game Thread 3.14.17****

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Bottom 2nd:


Doxakis on mound


Austin Todd grounds into an out to 2B on 2nd pitch.

1 out.


Bret Boswell hits into a ground out to SS on 2nd pitch.

2 outs.


Doxakis has only thrown 10 pitches now.


Ryan Reynolds gets walked off a full count.

1 on, 2 outs. 

Nice at bat for Reynolds. Finally getting the Freshman Doxakis to throw some pitches.


Zane Gurwitz hits it straight back at the pitcher... however it was called a balk before the throw.


Reynolds moves to 2nd.


Zane Gurwitz strikes out swinging to end the inning.


Longhorns strand a man on 2nd.


Still 0-0.

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Top 3rd:


Kennedy still on the mound. Has thrown 32 pitches. 1 hit and 2 BB


1st Aggie (Cole Bedford) flies out to Travis Jones in RF.

1 down.


2nd Aggie (Austin Homan) hits a short hop to Bret Boswell. Boswell flashes some leather and throws him out.

2 down.


3rd Aggie up is Blake Kopetsky


3 pitches, 3 strikes.


3 up, 3 down.


All strike outs have been off speed pitcher (slider, change-up, change-up).


Still knotted at 0's

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Bottom 3rd:

Michael McCann hits the 2nd pitch to the SS. Easy out.

1 out.


Tyler Rand going in to PH for Blair Henley.

Rand flies out to CF.

That is the 1st ball that has left the infield.

2 outs.


Travis Jones gets a full count and watches strike 3 go by.


1-2-3 inning for the Longhorns.


We've got ourselves a pitchers duel.

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Top 4th:


Kennedy starting with 44 pitches on the mound


1st Aggie (Logan Foster) flies out to RF Travis Jones.

1 down.


2nd Aggie (Braden Shewmaker) lines a double to RF.

1 out. Runner on 2nd.


3rd Aggie (Joel Davis) gets a full count and the Longhorns try to get a FC but the Aggies beat out the throw.

Runners safe on the corners and 1 out.

E5 because 3B dropped the ball.


4th Aggie (Hunter Coleman) swings at strike 3.

2 outs. Runners on the corners.


Wild pitch and the runner on 1st moves to 2nd.


5th Aggie up is Jorge Gutierrez

Kennedy "balks" and runner on 3rd scores and runner on 2nd moves to 3rd.


...That wasn't a balk.


Kennedy gets called strike 3 to end the inning.


Not before the Aggies score off a ..."balk"...

1-0 Ags


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