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****Texas Baseball vs UCLA Official Sweep Sunday Game Thread 3.12****

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Bottom of 3rd:


Ryan Reynolds leads off with a swinging strike 3.

1 out.


Travis Jones grounds out to SS.

2 outs.


Michael McCann gets a full count. He hits it off the pitchers ankle and gets to 1st.

McCann on base for the 2nd time today. 2 outs.


Patrick Mathis skies one to right field.

3 outs.


Longhorns still hold on to a 3-2 lead.

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Top 4th:


1st batter hits it right by a diving Bret Boswell.

UCLA has a man on 1st.


2nd batter hits it to Kacey Clemens who bounces it to Boswell. Thats an E3 and runners safe on 1st and 2nd. Shouldve been a double play.


3rd batter bunts his way on and bases are loaded now. No outs.


4th batter hits into a 6-4-3 sacrifice DP. No ER.

UCLA ties it a 3.

Man on 3rd with 2 outs.


5th batter hits it into left field. Thats an RBI single. Unearned.

UCLA takes the lead 4-3.

Man on 1st. 2 outs


E1 on a pick off attempt. UCLA gets their man onto to 2nd.


Connor Mayes is up in the bull pen.


6th batter flies out to RF.


That ends the T4th.


Texas loses the lead off of 2 errors. Blair Henley is at 81 pitches.


And the whole team literally ran to the bull pen!



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Phil Haig, a former collegiate pitcher who served the last five seasons on David Pierce’s staffs at both Tulane and Sam Houston State, enters his first season as volunteer coach at Texas.

Haig spent the last two seasons as volunteer coach at Tulane where he assisted Pierce with the pitching staff. While there, he helped the Green Wave to back-to-back NCAA Regional appearances.

In 2016, Haig played a large part in guiding Tulane to an NCAA-best 13 shutouts, setting a single-season school record, surpassing its nine in 2015, Haig’s first season at Tulane. The 2015 Green Wave pitching staff was one of the best in the nation. The backend of the bullpen registered 17 saves, tying for the fourth-most in a single season at Tulane.

Prior to Tulane, the 28-year-old spent three years as Pierce’s volunteer coach at Sam Houston State. In each season with the Bearkats, Haig helped SHSU to the Southland Conference title and an NCAA Regional appearance.

Before starting his collegiate coaching career with the Bearkats in 2012, Haig spent the 2011 season as a left-handed pitcher at Florida International University after sitting out the 2010 season due to transfer rules. While at FIU, he led the Golden Panthers in wins (nine), innings pitched (99.1) and strikeouts (72). His 9-4 record helped FIU to a 40-20-1 record and an NCAA Regional Appearance. For his efforts, Haig was named an All-Sun Belt second-team selection.

From 2008 to 2009, Haig was a dual-sport athlete at Illinois, where he lettered in both football and baseball. During his sophomore season with the Fighting Illini, Haig went 7-3 in 82.1 innings, leading the team in wins. As a freshman, he finished the season with a 2-3 record in 36.1 innings, earning Big 10 Pitcher of the Week honors during the final week of the regular season.

Haig was also a backup quarterback for the 2008 Fighting Illini football team that competed in the school's first Rose Bowl since 1984.

The Inver Grove Heights, Minn. native was a five-sport athlete at Henry Sibley High School where he earned a total of 10 all-conference honors: three in baseball, three in tennis, two in football and one each in wrestling and basketball. He earned three all-state baseball selections, while also receiving high national rankings from major recruiting services for his work as a quarterback.

Thx Joey, your post was so long I thought RD had resurfaced for a minute.

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I have turned on this game twice. Both times Texas had men on 2nd & 3rd w/1outs. Both times they stranded the runners. They have scored 3 runs while the TV was off so I will take one for the team and no longer turn on the game.

Basketball season was this way for me I watched more game time with prolonged scoring lapses and the times Texas was able to score I was not able to watch yet as soon as I saw TV here comes scoring woes

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Volunteer is a bad way to describe it. They still get paid. But yes. He's technically a volunteer coach. Most teams have one.

So I'm assuming he gets paid well enough to make the "volunteer" job worthwhile? Paid via summer camps, slush fund, or coaching for peanuts for the love of the game?

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Bottom of the 4th:


Tate Shaw get hit by pitch to lead off the inning.

Man on 1st.


David Hamilton gets a full count. Swinging strike 3 but Tate Shaw steals 2nd and is safe

1 out. Man on 2nd.


Kacy Clemens gets a hitters count of 3-1. And he gets walked off that.

Runners on 1st and 2nd. 1 out.


Jon Olsen has thrown 90 pitches. 51 strikes.


Austin Todd hits it at the 2nd baseman. 2nd baseman wanted to turn two before he had the ball. E4.

Runner on 2nd scores and it's all tied at 4.

Men on 1st and 2nd. 1 out.


New pitcher for UCLA. Mora is the new pitcher.


Bret Boswell swinging strike 3.

2 outs and 2 men on.


Ryan Reynolds hits it into RF, runner on 2nd crosses home and man on 1st gets to 3rd. Runners on the corners.


2 outs.


Travis Jones blops it over to RF and the 2nd baseman makes a wonderful catch to end the inning.


Not before Texas gets 2 runs to answer UCLA and retake the lead.


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Top 5th:


1st batter walks off a full count. That's 8 pitches so Henley now at 88 pitches.

Lead off walk.


2nd batter hits into the 6-4-3 double play.

2 outs.

Henley at 91 pitches.


3rd batter hits a ground out up the middle 6-3 to end the inning


Texas maintains the lead 5-4. Henley sits at 95.


McCann starts the bottom

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Top 6th:


1st batter ground to Hamilton. 1 out.

Henley is over 100 pitches now. No one in the bull pen.


2nd batter double off the first pitch.

Man on 2nd. 1 out.


3rd batter ground to Boswell.

4-3 out and runner moves to 3rd.

2 outs.


Blair Henley is done for the day 




Beau Ridgeway is coming in for relief.


He walks his batter and now Nolan Kingham comes in


Kingham picks off the man on 1st with a 1-3-6 pick off. Caught him in a pickle.


Strands the man on 3rd and Texas still leads 5-4.

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Bottom 6th:


David Hamilton blops it to left.

It takes a wicked bounce left and Hamilton turns a single into a double.

Lead off double.


Kacy Clemens knocks it into left field for a single. The left fielder bobbles the ball so its an E7.

Hamilton takes the error and scores.

Man on 1st.



Austin Todd bunts the ball and moves Clemens to 2nd.

1 out. Runner on 2nd.


Brett Boswell gets ball 4.

Runners on 1st and 2nd. 1 out.


UCLA changes pitches.


Ryan Reynolds bunts the ball over to get the runners to 2nd and 3rd.

2 outs.


Travis Jones gets the 2 out walk to load the bases.


Michael McCann gets the 2 RBI single and moves the 1st baseman over to 3rd.

If McCann isn't starting Tuesday than Pierce is crazy



UCLA balks and Texas scores a run and moves a guy to 2nd



Patrick Mathis flies out to left field to end the inning

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