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Daniel Seahorn

Burnt Ends- 3/7/17 (By Will Baizer)

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The point on a brisket is typically the fattiest cut. Pitmasters often trim the point (and select edges) off a brisket and return those pieces to the smoker.


Are burnt ends tough, chewy worthless cuts of meat, or are they heavenly bites of smoky goodness? It depends on who you ask...


Rather than discard the trimmings and fat, we choose to savor all the information that flows through the site. So, sit down and help yourself to some burnt ends.




This is a free site, so anyone can read this report. If you share it with someone, please take time to attribute the information to HornSports.



Trejan Bridges


Trejan was the most impressive WR on the field throughout the day. He made some crazy catches, and he always seemed like he was open despite having defensive backs all over him. Trejan really displayed some remarkable hands (he may have had some super glue on his gloves), great field awareness, ability to get separation, ability to pinpoint the ball in the air, and fluidity. And boy, does he play fluid. I’ve been talking to Trejan for a while now and I know that he’s a huge basketball guy. One thing that translates from the court to the field is the fluidity and looseness that a player has.  All of that combined proved too much for the defensive backs in Dallas on Sunday.


Currently, Trejan has offers from BYU, Colorado State, and Texas Tech, but he told me that Texas and Notre Dame have started to talk to him. Trejan and Tim Beck are now keeping in contact with each other. He’s an underrated take in my book.


Here is just one of his many ridiculous catches.




Rafiti Ghirmai


The 6’5” 290 lbs Frisco Wakeland tackle showed some powerful and phenomenal technique. Ghirmai made it into the final 5 offensive linemen there for good reason. Ghirmai lost very few reps the entire camp in a drill that does not favor the offense.


Ghirmai is currently really liking TCU, Florida, and Alabama, and Texas is also very high on his list. “I like Texas a lot. I got to talk to Coach Herman and his wife. My mom was there. We got to tour the facility and [they] kind of gave me special treatment, I felt like.” He continued to tell us, “I met a player named Denzel [Okafor], he was really nice to me. I love the Texas fan base. Texas is a great school. My mom loves that school. I’d consider them very high on my list.” Texas is standing pretty in the race to get the services of this man.


Ron Tatum


The 6’4” 260 lbs defensive end from Putnam City, OK was the best player in the defensive line group by far. His size, speed, and strength were just too much for almost every offensive lineman out there. He has a great first step and put guys like Trey Stratford and Darrell Simpson on their butts. I came away very impressed, and after talking with him, more confident in Texas’ ability to pull him from OU. He should be making a trip down to Austin at some point this summer.


Jaquayln Crawford


The athlete out of Rockdale showed his explosive ability out on the field in Dallas on Sunday. Texas is still unsure where they want to put the talent and Crawford has been in constant contact with both Mehringer and Michael Huff. Whenever I brought up Huff, he instantly said, “That’s my dude. But he’s a legend.” A week after his visit, Crawford was still just as excited about Texas as if he’d just left Moncrief. I asked him about his thoughts on the program after he had some time to digest the visit and he began gushing about how much he enjoyed the program. Crawford mentioned, “I like all the coaches there and what they’re doing with the program. Just seeing what they’re doing with the facilities is very nice. I believe Tom Herman will turn the program around like he did at Houston. Big things [are] coming to Austin. Tom Herman is just a genuinely cool guy. He’s funny and [he's] somebody I can relate to.”


For those that don’t know, Rockdale is smack dab in the center between Austin and College Station. You’d think the battle for this guy would be a little more even, but Crawford is loving Texas. “A&M knew about me before Texas and was one of the first schools to contact me. But after they offered me, they stopped talking to me. When I started to blow up they told me, ‘we didn’t forget about you,’ but they really did. Coach Herman offered me as soon as he went to UT. And he and I have a really cool relationship.”


Byron Hobbs


The 6'3" 210 lbs Fort Worth Eastern Hills LB had a good day out on the linebacker drills. I believe that he won every rep he went up (at least everyone I saw). However, he did have a bit of trouble with the pass defense drills letting the inside wide receivers poke holes in his coverage every so often. After seeing him perform live, I’m not overly concerned with his pass defense. Hobbs has a nice burst and good speed as an OLB. Byron ran a 4.73 forty, 5-10-5 was a 4.3, vertical was a 35.3, and had a powerball of 37.3.


When I talked to him about his thoughts on Texas he responded, “Texas was very impressive when I went to visit. I mean *phew* way beyond what I expected. It blew my mind when I got there…Tom Herman and I want the same thing and we want the same thing spiritually.”




“He has a positive vibe about him and he seems like a Godly man.”


Currently, his top 5 (in no particular order) are Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Arkansas, and TCU.


Roschon Johnson


Roschon Johnson, Texas’ top QB target for 2019 from Port Neches-Groves, was out at the Ford Center on Sunday. Roschon measured in at 6'0.5" and 190 lb, and showed off a pretty throw with accuracy. I left feeling pretty confident with Texas’ choice for their prime target in 2019 and their chances of landing him.


When I asked him about Texas, he told me, “It exceeds my expectations. I’m impressed by how they go about things and how serious it all is." Currently, there is a three-way race between Texas, TCU, and OU for the dual-threat athlete.


Keaontay Ingram


Texas’ top target was the headliner among the group of running backs in Dallas. The East Texas star had a good day running routes. Keaontay wasn’t anything special in 1-on-1’s but he’s also not the Reggie Bush type back that the drill is for. He didn’t run the 40, but he ran the shuttle at a 4.13, threw the power ball 35, and had a vertical of 31”.


I talked to Keaontay a little bit to get his feelings on Texas a week after his trip to gauge the mood, and Keaontay was still very high on the program. “You know I feel great about Texas. I feel [that] Coach Tom Herman, Coach Drayton, and Coach Warehime know what they’re doing… I’ll be back down there soon.”


Alston Orji


One of Texas’ top prospects at linebacker came in and measured at a good 6’2” and 230lbs. While he didn’t do as well as one would’ve hoped, I’m not worried because this camp really isn’t a good indication of his ability.


When it came to Texas, Orji was most impressed by the educational benefits from Texas, “I never knew a lot of the things they told me about their business school.”


But when it comes to the relationship he’s building on the field it’s with Coach Orlando who sees Alston as a tactician at OLB.



Danny Gray


A relatively unknown name around the Texas circles came to play Sunday. The 6’1” 178lbs 2018 WR from Madison had a phenomenal day, which eventually led to him being chosen as one of the top 5 wide receivers in the building. Danny has some impressive speed, running an official 4.49 forty and proved he has some elite athleticism on the field (37” vertical). Gray was really impressive beating some of the best guys like Verone McKinley and Josh Proctor.


Currently he’s talking to Oregon and has offers from UNT, Kansas, and Tulsa, but Gray is not unknown by Tom Herman who was recruiting him while he was at UH. He told me if either UT, OU, or UH offer he’s committing.


Danny Gray is a guy who I expect to be a name that will blow up over the summer or over the season.




Jase McClellan


The 2020 Aledo RB had to be one of the most impressive running back at the Ford Center despite being about two years younger than everyone. Jase is a silky-smooth runner and an elite athlete and currently the best running back in the state. Jase had people on the sideline in awe of his speed and fluid nature and on top of all that he has some nice hands.

Jase won the offensive player of the game in the state championship after a huge game.

Jase already grabbed an offer from SMU, and he’s getting contact from Georgia, UCLA, Texas Tech and Utah. However, Jase grew up wearing burnt orange and cheering on Colt McCoy


He’ll blow up in a big way. Schools are about to be knocking down his door.


Dax Hill


Another guy who is relatively unknown amongst Longhorn circles is the 6’ 180lbs DB from Booker T Washington (OK). Honestly, I didn’t know much about this guy, but when he cut the field in half with his speed and swatted the ball out the air from Texas offer holder Kameron Brown, I had to grab him and ask his name. Later I saw his numbers and boy were they impressive. Dax ran a 4.46 40, has a 37.5" vertical, and a shuttle of 4.14. Insane.


Afterwards I asked him about his performance, “I thought I did well. There’s always room for improvement. But overall I was impressed by my performance.”


I talked to him about how guys usually blow up after performances like his and he told me Oklahoma State coaches wanted to talk to him afterwards, “I’m sure they were excited to see how fast I ran. I was surprised myself when I saw my 40 time.”


Taken aback, I asked him if he didn’t know he could run that fast.

“Not really. Last year my 40 time was a 4.67. I have trainers that help me with my core, explosiveness, and my speed in general. My dad also harps on me about good diet and nutrition.”


The Texas coaching staff is starting to show some interest here, but OU and Oklahoma State got the home field advantage and have already offered.


Here’s a play of him shutting down against OU commit Arjei Henderson.




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