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Two SI articles. ..one featuring Tom Herman

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Two articles from SI.   First one highlights the changes/rebuilding job that Coach Tom is bringing to the 40.




Thursday February 16th, 2017


AUSTIN, Texas — At 10:30 p.m. on the night of Nov. 25, Tom Herman interviewed for the head coaching job at the University of Texas in an undisclosed location between Houston and Austin. Sometime after the clock crept past midnight on the morning of Nov. 26, Texas President Gregory L. Fenves made a pitch to Herman that’s become a mantra for his new job as Texas football coach: “Tom, this program is broken, and we need a CEO to fix it.â€

Herman took Fenves at his word. And he soon discovered a program rich with tradition but shallow on infrastructure, teeming with potential but stuck in the past and with little clue how to match its competitive desires with 2017 realities. In essence, Tom Herman arrived at mighty Texas to find the unlikeliest of rebuilding jobs.


Second one directly related, discussing the importance of a new HC"s 2nd recruiting class







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