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Will Baizer

2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

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Love the Louisiana offers.  We should take a couple every year.  Wilbon played solid last year as a rotational guy and Roach is a player.  I'm betting Michael Williams will do good things as well.  Christmas is still TBD.

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6 hours ago, drgilbert said:

Just read that we will have natural grass For the 2018 year. 

Not doubting your post but that seems like a quick turnaround. I wonder why and how long has this been discussed. Anyone with details please provide information and background data on what appears to be a quick decision. Thanks.

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21 hours ago, Jameson McCausland said:

Personally, I wouldn’t read too much into it. Noah Cain is still the top priority.

Gotta have good back up options in case Cain decides to go elsewhere, it's not like he is committed to us and shut down visits. 


We we should be picky with all commitments, especially at CB. J Carter is a CB, darn good player. Stingley, Steele, and Banks are clearly better (imo) with others in same range. We need to take 2 pure CB again and getting 2/3 of Steele, Stingley or Banks would be great! Plus a great NB(who I consider a CB.) would love catalon at NB, he can't play outside at 5-9 but is quick, can run and hit. He would be a good S also but I don't prefer 5-9 guys in the secondary (other than Nickel) anymore, WR/TE are too big now. 

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6 hours ago, MBHORNSFAN said:

Not rumor... Its being confirmed by many now..

I'm all for natural grass, better for the players and looks great.   Now I do recall the 1.5 million dollar drainage system we put under the last natural grass fields...came in handy for the first home game that year vs Missouri I believe (1996?) with a huge storm.

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1 hour ago, Daniel Seahorn said:

Texas target Marcus Banks


I'm interested to see how Banks does at the Opening against other CB's in Texas Sunday.  4* but the lowest rated of Carter, Young, Beason, and Wolfe.  IT is high on Banks, thinks he'll be pretty high rated when it's all said and done.

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