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Franchise Quest

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    • I was at yesterday’s game, and loved the players’ energy. I had my two young grandsons with me, so couldn’t give 100% to watching. Please correct me if I am wrong.   During the times that I had available to really focus, we had Jaxon, Ramey, and ? In. We would get a comfy 12 point lead +, and insert ?, ?, ?  OSU would start to close to w/in 6 to 8 and back Jaxon, Ramey, and ??? Would go. To bring us back to +15 Note:  Boys very interested in basketball & food, so we stayed busy! i also thought the officials were just bad or incompetent & couldn’t tell which. Many questionable calls   Hook em!
    • Like the West Virginia game, Texas did what they were supposed to do and beat a bad team. Now they gets to rest up for a trip to Norman on Saturday.
    • This thread is “Longhorn news/discussion” Your Daughter is a Longhorn and that’s great news!!! You’re on topic Congratulations!
    • If someone in that shit hole farts twice they will turn it into a turdition. 
    • it should have been the day their fathers did that though