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Will Baizer

2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

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Sometimes you just tip your hat to the other guy. I say good luck to him.  This is not supposed to be easy. We have to EARN our way into the most desired place to be. We have to take care of business and if/when we do, we will begin to win these battles.

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When I was getting ready for my Senior year of high school, no one could have swayed me from The University. I fell in love with the place when I first saw it. 

I’m not going to criticize a kid for the choice they make, but if you want to live in Texas after graduation, there isn’t a better choice than UT, and the truly great part is the National and International respect UT commands, but to each his own.

Hook ‘em!


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33 minutes ago, Sirhornsalot said:

The story isn't over with Bragg. Its okay if Stanford borrows him for their commit list for a while.


I ask because I don’t know. When is the last time someone decommitted from Stanford?

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