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Will Baizer

2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

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7 minutes ago, drgilbert said:

Slimer what are your thoughts on comments made on another site that Brewster hates CS and wants out. I have never read that anywhere else. 

If you think Brewster is a normal human being, then its likely true. lol

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3 hours ago, Sirhornsalot said:

LSU offered Dominick Glass today. Could be a sign that things are not so good with LSU and Cain.

Who will our #2 RB take be in this class? IDK, but give me the kid from Newton.

Wonder if glass is contingency plan for Emery. 

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10 minutes ago, MBHORNSFAN said:


This says Texas is moving on from Banks IMO

Both look like similar players.  Banks may be a bit better in coverage ( right now ).  Caldwell is a little thicker and more physical.

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Franchise Quest

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    • EJ just CB'd Cain to Texas. Daniel, are you in?  
    • There was a really good write up, I'll try to find it that new coaches who are going to amount to something, have done so by year 2 generally.   Are we improved from last year/the last 4 years?   Sure, that bar represents the WORST 4 years in TEXAS football history. . . which is damn sure not our birth right either.   We continue to lose games due to coaching mistakes (not ready vs Maryland or OSU, poor clock management vs WVU).   The questions about CTH stand until they don't.   Would you argue he's doing a better job than Matt Campbell?  This week's opponent.   Full disclosure,    1998 Mack wins the south if Major doesn't get hurt in Lubbock   1999 Mack does win the south   2000 Trip to Lubbock where we can't force a punt again costs us the South   2001  Mack wins the South   Now CTH has a chance with a win this weekend and a WVU win over OU to earn a CCG berth but he wouldn't need any help if we were ready of OSU or had we managed the clock just a shade better vs WVU.    
    • He had Ed Oliver. Very disruptive. Just. Like. Malik. Was.  Many on here and elsewhere also maligned Malik ad nauseum. 
    • His film looks pretty good.  He'd at worst be in the immediate rotation.  He's also a January enrollee. https://www.hudl.com/profile/9622278/Jacoby-Jones
    • EJ just crystal balled Cain to Texas