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  1. Kweeenb


Franchise Quest

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    • Seen this on Netflix and been meaning to give it a look.  Worth the watch?
    • Senior DB Kris Boyd on watch list for 2018 Jim Thorpe Award.View the full article
    • Senior LB Gary Johnson on watch list for 2018 Butkus Award.View the full article
    • Just watched the first couple of episodes and I miss Buddy Stephen's and EMCC.  It's very hard to like Malik Henry.  He comes off worse than Franklin did at EMCC.  Just a spoiled QB who thinks he's better than everyone else.  He probably is better, but there is no humility. 
    • Bored to tears here in the dead period . . . so I called my buddy down in ATX who didn't have much for me, but the little he had was nice to hear. Says we'll likely get another commit in two weeks coming at a need position (OL). Pointed to the SEC media predicting a 5th place finish for LSU. He said that recruits are starting to notice that some things aren't quite right at LSU. Said there is love being thrown Leal's way almost every single day. If we end up not winning him over, it won't be for a lack of effort. Said our athletes are experiencing transformations, due to the work Yancey puts them through. He said its quite noticeable and seems to inspire confidence in this team. Staff is turning over stones they ordinarily would not, searching for DL. You may see some new names soon.