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    • TEAMS CBS SPORTS HQ CBSSPORTS SPORTSLINE MAXPREPS SHOP STUBHUB FOLLOW 247SPORTS       LOG IN JOIN NFL  NBA  NCAAF  NCAAB  FB REC  BB REC  COMMUNITY            Ranking CFB one-loss teams as the CFB Playoff committee would ByCHRIS HUMMER Oct 17, 10:05 AM         43 x   If the College Football Playoff rankings were to be released today, the order would be rather clear. There are four remaining Power Five or P5-like unbeaten teams (Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State and Notre Dame) that would make up the top 4, while unbeaten American Athletic Conference programs like UCF and USF would slot somewhere in the middle of the rankings or outside of them – I wouldn’t currently project Cincinnati or USF to rank in the Top 25. Where things get tricky is sorting through the many one-loss contenders. There are 13 Power Five teams with only a single loss, making them all viable candidates for a CFB Playoff spot. Some are more reasonable than others, of course. But for the most part, all 13 control their own destinies – maybe with the exception of the Pac-12. To help sift through the one-loss muck, 247Sports is slotting the 12 remaining one-loss P-5 teams like the committee would rank them. These rankings won’t necessarily align with the AP Poll and they won’t necessarily singularly reflect strength of schedule or any single individual measure. Like the committee, when teams are comparable at the margins we’re placing an emphasis on SOS, head-to-head competition and outcomes against quality opponents. Note: Strength of schedule rankings per Sagarin 13. COLORADO BUFFALOES   (Photo: Matthew Stockman, USA TODAY Sports) Average Scoring Margin: 11
      SOS: 72nd The Buffaloes’ best win of the season might be a road victory over a winless Nebraska. That’s not a recipe for a prime spot in the rankings. I’d project the Buffaloes to slot behind several two-loss teams, including Penn State, Washington, Texas A&M and Mississippi State. 12. WASHINGTON STATE COUGARS   (Photo: Cougfan.com/Whittney Thornton) Average Scoring Margin: 14.6
      SOS: 80th The Cougars slot ahead of the Buffaloes due to a larger margin of victory, a quality win over Utah and a closer loss to USC. Washington State could quickly slide up these rankings with games in the second half against Oregon, Stanford, Colorado and Washington. Like Colorado, I’d expect several two-loss teams to rank ahead of Washington State if the rankings debuted today. 11. DUKE BLUE DEVILS   (Photo: Icon Sportswire, Getty) Average Scoring Margin: 8.8
      SOS: 27th  Duke is rather quietly 5-1 (so quietly that I missed them when I originally wrote this list, I apologize for the error) with a trio of Power Five road wins over Northwestern, Baylor and Georgia Tech. A blowout loss to Virginia Tech doesn't look great and the Blue Devils don't have a win over a Top 25, but Duke does have the framework of a fringe Top 25 team.  10. WEST VIRGINIA MOUNTAINEERS   (Photo: Joe Robbins, Getty) Average Scoring Margin: 12.6
      SOS: 42nd West Virginia’s quietly owns some quality wins, including blowouts of Tennessee and Kansas State plus a road win over Texas Tech. A 16-point trouncing at the hands of Iowa State doesn’t look great, but the Cyclones have toppled many a contender before, especially in Ames. 9. OREGON DUCKS   (Photo: Gary Breedlove, 247Sports) Average Scoring Margin: 12.2
      SOS: 111th I’m sure Oregon fans will be thrilled with this ranking, but all you need to know about it is where the Ducks’ strength of schedule sits. Yes, Oregon is a fumble away from being unbeaten. But the Ducks have also been tested (and I mean tested) by the likes of San Jose State. Oregon’s drawn both of its toughest games at home (Stanford and Washington), which hurts its resume, too. Nobody on this list has more room for upward mobility than Oregon. A one-loss Pac-12 team will have its say. But the Ducks’ SOS must get better before it can climb this list. Oregon needs to win out, and it needs to win big. 8. IOWA HAWKEYES   (Photo: Jeffrey Becker, USA TODAY Sports) Average Scoring Margin: 13.6
      SOS: 26th Iowa is good. If you haven’t watched the Hawkeyes this season, you don’t know just how good they are. Iowa features a dominant defensive front and a quarterback in Nate Stanley who’s capable of producing points. If not for a blown fourth-quarter lead against Wisconsin, the Hawkeyes would be 6-0 with convincing wins over Iowa State, Minnesota and Indiana. Iowa is also yet to play a team with a losing record.  7. FLORIDA GATORS   (Photo: Kim Klement, USA TODAY Sports) Average Scoring Margin: 13
      SOS: 28th There’s a clear tier separation between Florida and Iowa in terms of resume and the eye test. As for where Florida slots, the Gators come in behind a number of other SEC teams for a few reasons: 1. Florida lost to Kentucky, which means Kentucky will slot ahead of Florida when they’re put head-to-head. 2. Florida slots behind LSU, because LSU’s overall resume is stronger despite its close loss in Gainesville. 3. Florida falls behind Georgia because, outside of its loss to LSU (this where people are going to get angry), the Bulldogs have been the more impressive team. Nowhere on this list is trickier than trying to parse the three one-loss SEC East teams. You make an argument for any order. 6. KENTUCKY WILDCATS   (Photo: Andy Lyons, Getty) Average Scoring Margin: 11
      SOS: 18th Kentucky’s already beaten Florida on the road and Mississippi State at home. The Wildcats don’t have much else to prove. Plus, an overtime road loss to Texas A&M is far from a bad defeat. That’s the same Aggies team that gave Alabama and Clemson their best games of the season. The only thing holding Kentucky back is its passing offense under Terry Wilson, which ranks 121st nationally in yards per game. That deficiency will be hard to overcome in the long run.  5. GEORGIA BULLDOGS   (Photo: Dale Zanine, USA TODAY Sports) Average Scoring Margin: 19
      SOS: 40th Placing Georgia ahead of the other two SEC East teams is the shakiest placement on this list, but I believe the eye test would put the Bulldogs through. Georgia didn’t look great against LSU, but it’s handily beaten the rest of its competition. The Bulldogs’ talent is also evident if you watch them. Plus, there’s a little history to back this up. Georgia went on the road last season and was thumped by Auburn. But in that case the Bulldogs only fell from No. 1 to 7. There’s a larger margin for error with less games played (the drop I’m projecting would be No. 2 to 9) but I don’t think you’ll find many people who’d argue Kentucky and Florida are better than the Bulldogs. 3. TEXAS LONGHORNS   (Photo: Tim Warner, Getty) Average Scoring Margin: 7.7
      SOS: 12th Again, there’s a clear tier separation between the Longhorns and Sooners. Texas’ strength of schedule is its best argument. Nobody on this list, outside of LSU, has faced a tougher group of teams. The Longhorns also hold a trio of quality wins (Oklahoma, TCU, USC). But Texas slots behind two teams on this list because it’s played down to its competition. Dominant teams don’t lose to Maryland. Dominant teams don’t play one-possession games against Tulsa and Baylor. If Texas keeps winning it’ll be fine. But that’s why the Longhorns rank third among the one-loss teams despite a resume with an argument to be first.   https://247sports.com/LongFormArticle/Ranking-CFB-one-loss-teams-as-the-CFB-Playoff-committee-would-123435891#1021767_11
    • Bru is going to OV to ou for Bedlam.