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***Texas vs Oklahoma Official Sunday Game Thread***

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Texas vs Oklahoma Game 3

Game Time: 1 PM CT

L. Dale Mitchell Park

TV: Fox Sports OK

Radio/Stream: www.texassports.com







Texas Lineup:



OU lineup:







Lineup Notes:


Rand jumps to the #2 spot

Jones is out of the order today

Denny in as DH



This is great opportunity for Texas to solidify not only it's record in conference play, but also it's psyche. 


Hook Em!

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Texas wearing their all grays, gray caps w/burnt orange bills, burnt orange belts, socks, under sleeves and black spikes.


Oklahoma wearing camo jerseys and caps, white pants, red socks and belts, white spikes

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T2 cont; 2 outs; runner on 1B



Checks runner

0-1 takes an offspeed pitch

0-2 fouled away left

0-2 fouled down 3B line

Checks runner

1-2 bender up





Texas trails 1-0 headed B2

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T3 cont; runner on 2B; 1 out


Kody Clemens

0-1 takes a bender; about two fists off the plate inside.  Hitter need to adjust to that

0-2 fouled away left

1-2 up; C tries to back-pick Gurwitz at 2B; he's back in time; C almost throws it into CF;

1-2 fouled away left

P spins towards 2B; no throw; Gurwitz really hopping around out there

P spins again, no throw

1-2 fouled away left

1-2 fouled away left

P spins once again; no throw

1-2 pulled foul a LONG way right

C trots out to the mound after that long foul

Kody calls time and steps out

F8; just hung up too long; 2 outs


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