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“HORN†In On Franchise / Business Ownership

…a monthly post with blurbs, links, and other words-of-wisdom

regarding self-employment; career transition;

and franchise / business ownership;

as well as information for business owners

who may be interested in franchising their business.


MARCH 2016



Is Living A Few Years Of Your

Life Like Most People Won’t,

So That You Can Spend The

Rest Of Your Life Like

Most People Can’t.



The Well-Worn Path

                   By Frank Agin


There is a place … a wonderful place … a place where most everyone wants to be. It is a place of wonderful natural beauty and worldly riches. It is a place of personal freedom and family security. It is a place where others sing your praises as someone of integrity and wisdom.


There are two paths you can follow to get to this wonderful place. The first path starts with a slow trudge, cutting a swath through 25 miles of dense, inhospitable swampy jungle. Then just outside the jungle is a raging river one must carefully traverse, testing leg strength and balance. Finally, once across the rapids, one must ascend a challenging mountainous 5,000-foot climb to the wonderful place.


The second path is a well-worn one. This path starts on a well-defined trail that provides for easy passage through the swampy jungle.  Then the well-defined trail leads to a sturdy, wooden footbridge that allows one to safely cross the raging river. Once across the bridge, the well-worn path leads you to a series of stairs that allow for a challenge-free ascent up the mountain to the wonderful place.


Whether you choose the well-worn path or the challenge-riddled path, however, you end up in the same place. Either path will take you to this wonderful place, where you can enjoy a magnificent life of reasonable freedom, moderate fame, and relative fortune. You just have to choose the path and begin the journey.


Like this destination, being in business for yourself is a wonderful place. It offers financial rewards, freedoms, and security, as well as accolades from family, friends, and peers in the local community.


Like traveling to the wonderful place, however, there are two paths to business ownership. One path is challenge-riddled. You will need to blaze your own trail … trudging through decision after decision associated with pricing, quality, and  strategies to take on well-funded competitors … carefully traverse ordeals related to branding, marketing, and advertising … and the daily issues related to legal matters, employment concerns, and government regulation.    


Or on the road to business ownership, you could also choose the well-worn path: Purchasing a Franchise. On the well-worn path of franchise ownership, you will still need to take the journey. On this path, however, most of the challenges, issues, and pitfalls along the way have already been worked through.


Either way, in the end, you still end up in a wonderful place. The question becomes, however, on the journey to get there how much risk do you want to take and effort do you want to expend?


If There Is A Business That Will Give You What You Want  â€¦Is It Worth Looking For

                                                                                                                           by Larry S. Powell


Most people will answer "yes" to that question. So, why do so many who say they want to be self-employed and own their own business give up on achieving their dream?  There are a number of reasons. One primary one...often business owner "wannabes" simply lose their focus and drift away. They may blame it on the economy, their friends, or other external reasons.  Simply stated, they hit a speed bump called “uncertainty and anxiety†and then let their dream slip away.


Buying a business is a serious decision. No one makes a major decision without getting a little nervous, or having some anxiety. It happened to me! The process of buying a business can be extremely exhilarating and simultaneously can be a time of high anxiety…this is normal.  How do I know? Because I have already made the “quest†and experienced the “anxiety†that is a normal part of the process of buying a business.  Prior to buying my home repair / remodeling franchise in 2001, my anxiety and fear had me ready to quit the quest and give up on my dream about 3-4 times.  During those times when I was ready to give in to my anxiety, I would see a scripture or quote in the newspaper, magazine, or on a bill board referencing risk…opportunity…achieving your dream, etc.  Fortunately each time it would provide me the impetus to continue my quest, move beyond my fear and refocus on my dream. As they say….â€The rest is historyâ€.


Even when you get nervous, you can still make a good decision.  You have done it many times in your life already. Doing solid, serious research and utilizing good advisors will lead you to a sound decision. Look at all the successful franchisees around your city / town. They made good decisions, and were probably nervous at some point, perhaps at several points during the process. But they didn't let their anxiety rob them of their dreams!  If you gather the right information, and are honest about your abilities, you will make a smart, informed decision for yourself...despite the stomach butterflies.


Personally, I love “motivational†quotes.  I collect them and have about fifteen framed and hanging in my office.  Below are a few that I have recently seen and really like:

  • Expect to get nervous.  Don’t let anxiety steal your dream.
  • Optimism-The faith that leads to achievement.
  • Take Risks-Don’t be afraid to go on a limb.  That’s where the fruit is.
  • Opportunity-You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.
  • What you get from an endeavor will be directly proportional to what you give to the endeavor.
  • No risk = No reward.
  • Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t.
  • Success is not for the timid.  It is for those who seek guidance, make decisions, and take decisive action.
  • A year from now, you may wish you had started today.
  • Sometimes in the winds of change we find our true direction.
  • Take Action-You cannot discover new oceans, unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.

There is a book written by John Ortberg, If you want to walk on water, you’ve got to get out of the boat. The “boat†is what you hang on to, or whatever represents safety and security to you and that which pulls you away from the high adventure you actually seek. For many, moving towards the dream of being a business owner is simply letting go of the boat we call “corporate Americaâ€.  What it really entails is going after what you were made to do, leaving the illusory lifeboat behind and setting sail for uncharted waters.


It is always easier and less frightening to keep sitting on the sideline and watching opportunity pass you by, rather than taking careful, but positive steps towards the dream…the independence, freedom, and improved work-life which is enjoyed by many business owners.


So, expect to get nervous. Deal with it. Don't let your nerves prevent you from achieving the lifestyle you deserve.

Don't Settle.  Get What You Want.


If you don't pursue your dream, you will end up working for someone who did!


Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, “The great thing in this world is not so much where you stand, as in what direction you are moving.†Are you allowing your professional life to wander aimlessly, or stand still? Do you dislike your corporate job, but don’t know how to find your real niche in life? Maybe you are ready for a change, ready to live life to its fullest or ready to take control of your future. Can you continue to do what you are doing now at the same intensity for the next 10, 20, or 30 years? Do you really want to? Perhaps you have the perfect job and perfect life, but do you have a back-up plan if the unthinkable happens? There is no security, except what you create for yourself. Owning your own business may provide the opportunity for you to reach your goals. Buying a franchise has proven to be a great vehicle for thousands of people to effectively transition into a new industry and self-employment with an improved quality of life, while becoming a master of their destiny.


A window of opportunity won't open itself....


Have a job you don’t like?  Seek other employment…I call that “Changing Your Curtainsâ€.  Perhaps, you prefer a bolder approach which may provide a new and invigorating work-life…I refer to that as “Changing Your Viewâ€.  In 2001, I decided to “Change My Viewâ€.  If you are ready…Let’s Talk.  I can help you “Change Your View†too…


Would this scenario be of interest and value to you…a process where you receive assistance to help you better identify your goals, financial requirements, lifestyle needs and what you would like for your work-life to look like; then provided information on self-employment options and guidance on exploring these opportunities within the confines of a safe and no-obligation environment?   


"The Great Risk In Life Is To Wait And Depend

Upon Others For Your Own Security".

                                                                                                   -Denis Waitley-


Small / medium size business owners:

Would you like to grow your business by franchising.


Don't Just Change Your Curtains... Change Your View. I DidMy Story


Franchise Opportunity Knocks

Self-employment Beckons

Start answering the call right here.

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The right franchise / business opportunity for you.



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